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23. 04. 2018
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Combinations of childlessness

1) Lord of 5th in a Mercurian sign conjoint with or aspected by Mercury.

2) Lord of 5th in debility and afflicted.

3) Lord of 5th betwixt eunuch planets.

4) Lord of 5th in an inimical sign and aspected by Saturn.

5) Association of the 5th lord with a malefic is a great affliction for getting issues but if aspected by lagna or a benefic, this affliction goes.

6) Lord of 5th in the constellation of aridra or hasta.

7) Lord of 5th in 8th (if it is not own or exaltation sign).

8) 5th lord in an inimical sign getting sambandha with inimical planet only.

9) 5th lord in a dusthana and associated with malefics, Saturn and Kethu.

10) Waning Moon in 5th and afflicted.

11) Lord of 5th an eunuch or aspected by Saturn or another eunuch, there will be abortion and still-births. However, aspect of Jupiter or lagnesh removes dosha.

12) Rahu or Saturn in 5th gives affliction for the birth of issues in their dasas.

13) Saturn associated with malefics in the 7th.

14) 5th lord in Virgo or Gemini or Mercury in the 5th.

15) 5th lord being a malefic or associated with malefics.

16) 5th lord with Rahu in 10th.

17) 5th lord subjected topapakartariyoga.

18. For Aquarius lagna, Mercury in 8th with malefics.

19. Rahu in 5th aspected by Mars and Saturn.

20) Saturn and Venus in 7th.

21) Malefics confined to 4th and 5th only.

22) Jupiter in Pisces gives very few issues, in Sagittarius, it gives issues after much hardship and in Cancer or Aquarius, it can deny progeny.

23) Rahu in lagna, Jupiter in 5th and Saturn in 5th.

24) Lords of 1, 5, 9th and lord of 5th from Jupiter in a trik.

25) Malefics in 5th and/or 11th or in 3rd.

26) Malefics in 5th from Moon & Jupiter.

27) Malefics, Moon, Jupiter in 4th, 8th.

28) Sun Saturn in 7th and Moon in 10th.

29) Malefics in 4th or/and 9th, Venus in 7th and Moon in 10th.

30) Moon Jupiter in lagna and Saturn in 7th.

31) Sun in lagna, Saturn in 7th.

32) 6th lord Sun Saturn all in 6th and moon in 7th.

33) Mars or Sun in 5th or 11th & lagnesh weak.

34) Saturn in 5th and Venus in 7th.

35) If sarpasapayoga occurs. Such yogas are:

a. Rahu in lagna, 5th lord in a trik and Mars afflicts Jupiter.

b. Rahu in Aries or Scorpio in 5th house associated with Mercury.

c. Rahu in 5th aspected by Mars.

d. 5th lord conjoins Rahu & Saturn in 5th and Moon in 11th or 5th house.

Combinations of getting children

Number of children

Father-son relationship

Combinations for many daughters

Procreative Power

Karmas or sins

Sex of the children

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