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23. 04. 2018
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Temperament and character of marriage partner

Sun: A generous, ambitious, proud, independent and of royal nature. A partner from higher status family, Believes in high social status, learned and mobile. If afflicted - arrogant, selfish and dominating, matrimonial differences will be well concealed and couple in public will treat each other with formal courtesy.

Moon: A kind hearted, gentle but moody partner. Emotional and domesticated type wife with strong motherly instincts for her family, an exacting partner who fully shares emotions and ideas, wife keeps home and home life neat and clean, obedient to husband, broad and round face with fair complexion.

If afflicted: fastidious, self-indulgent, greedy, ill-tempered, nagging wife who continues to harp upon her own ideas till the same are achieved,

Mars: A head strong, self-assertive, capable and industrious partner, it changes the course of life after marriage and causes some friction, quarrels between the couple likely due to marriage incompatibility, wife is energetic and takes initiative. If afflicted, an aggressive, quarrelsome, destructive,-vicious, violent and brutal, frictions in couple, chances of adultery, lustful, if in a watery sign - drunkard,

Mercury: An intelligent, bright, critical partner inclined to flirtations, idealistic, vacillating, impressive appearance, loves his wife. If afflicted nagging or ofdefinite views i.e. rigid, fond of travelling.

(Mercury usually imbibes the qualities of conjoined planet).

Jupiter: A generous, optimistic, good natured, religiously inclined partner, a beautiful lovely rich respectable and virtuous wife, a law-abiding, respectable and conventional partner, a perfect house-holder. If afflicted - misfortunes in married life, rich middle aged partner.

Venus: A refined, artistic, gentle and affectionate wife known for beauty in family circles, partner has ability to attract and respond romantically to others, libidinous, skilful in sports, If afflicted - a weak, self-indulgent, lax in conduct,extravagant nature. In female chart - she will be dear to her husband.

Saturn:If strong-a careful, industrious, thrifty partner of a reserved nature, unemotional in affections, though sincere and faithful but rigid in out look. If afflicted-resentful, unforgiving selfish, cruel in disposition, sickly and complaining type.

Rahu: attachments of a romantic and hasty nature with marked element of idealism, partner of original or advanced mentality who is not a slave to customs etc., an artistic genius, scientific bent of mind.

Kethu: Disappointment in marriage depending upon aspects. Favourable aspects give artistic poetic mystical partner and bad aspects give an indulging one.

In a male nativity, the 7 th lord in a feminine sign indicates a wife of soft temperament with feminine features, but in a masculine sign, indicates a wifewith pushing and daring nature.

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