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15. 12. 2018
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Separation In the Horoscope

Some such situations which are known to be dangerous to the marital bond are being discussed here:

1. (a) In astrological exercises, Sun, Saturn and Rahu are considered as separatists. Of these Saturn is the strongest separatist yet these planets alone may not be capable of spoiling the relationship individually unless other unfavourable factors are there in the chart. Their influencing Ascendant, Ascendant lord. 7th house and its lord, the Karka Venus and also Moon may do the mischief.

(b) Rahu and Ketu work as catalysts and 12th house and its lord. 6th house (house of dispute & litigation) and its lord, if supporting the malefic planets given above may culminate into such undesirable situations such as divorce or separation.

2. 4th is the house of domestic affairs and that of marital peace due to peace in domestic circle. Undesirable placement of 4th lord in 6/8/ 12th house and affliction to 4th house by placement or aspect of malefic planets (called separatists hereafter) may prove dangerous for the marital-bond.

In the chart given above 4th lord Mercury is in 8th house, aspected by 8th lord Saturn and 6th lord Mars, which aspects 4th house also.

3. 6th lord known as lord of house of enemy or that of dispute, If Is placed in 4th house or 4th lord in 6th or their mutually exchanging house or navamsas can be effective in breaking marriage.

4. If Virgo is rising in Ascendant 12th lord Sun placed in 7th house and 6th lord Saturn occupying 4th house and no benefic influence from Ascendant lord or from strong Jupiter or Venus - divorce may result.

5. 7th lord in 12th joined by 12th lord also in that house or 12th lord in 7th joined by 7th lord there - Divorce.

6. 12th lord placed in 7th house joined by another separatist viz Rahu etc. - divorce is shown.

7. 12th lord and 7th lord associated with 5th lord or 5th house and Rahu/ Ketu also involved - separation.

In the chart given above, 7th lord is in 5th house and 5th and 12th lord Venus is joined by Rahu in 9th, which also aspects 7th lord Jupiter.

8. Venus the Karka for marriage when placed in 7th house and lord of 7th occupying 12th house, having some malefic influence, may cause separation. Karka is not welcome in own bhava as 7th Bhava has Venus as its Karka.

9. According to some books separation is sure if Ascendant falls in sign of Saturn (Capricorn or Aquarius) or that of Mars (i .e. Aries or Scorpio) and some other factors for separation are active in the chart.

10. Ascendant occupied by Venus and 7th house having Sun, joined by Saturn or Rahu is given in a popular book, but seems something has gone wrong, as because Venus is never separated more than 45 and can't be in a house opposite to that occupied by Sun.

11. Conjunction of Sun-Venus. Moon -Venus and having influence of separatists e.g. Saturn & Rahu or that of 12th or 6th lord can create problem. This condition is also met with in this chart given above, as Venus is between Rahu and Sun.

12. Weak malefic in 7th house aspected by benefics.

13. Venus in Aridara, Mooles Kritika, Jaystha nakshatras can ignite separation. Venus in Kritika is most fearful, and can create havoc soon after marriage.

14. Rahu in Ascendant, joined by Venus or Saturn, wife may leave the subject under influence of other person. It can be otherwise as well.

15. Rahu and Saturn joining in close degrees in Ascendant or 7th house.

16. 6th house a common sgn and 6th lord also in common sign or common navamsa sign is indiation of more than one marriages and therefore may instigate separaton from Ist wedlock.

17. 2nd lord in 2nd house, but in 6th, 8th or 12th house in navamsa chart, one may be a reputed person but wife may die or get separated.

18. Moon in 7th in Women's horoscope, she has to pass through this situation.

19. Mars in 7th may cause death or separation, if no strong benefic influence is there to reutralize the effect.

20. Cancer rising in Ascendant and Mars and Saturn placed there in, indicate long period of separation, not necessarily because of dispute/ bitterness, it can be due to some other social compulsions or domestic reasons or nature of jobs.

21. Sun in 7th house sepa-ates from spouse. Ist half of the married life is full of tension and qua-rels. It is biggest separatist here and if involved with 12th lord may take matter to court etc. If Saturn is also involved with Sun, may indicate involvement of police etc.

22. When Venus is the Icrd of sign rising in Ascendant or that of sign occupied by Moon and is in Trimsamsa of Saturn separation may occur, if separatists are influencing it or 7th house.

23. 6th lord in 8th and 7h lord in 6th, is a planetary setting causing separation.

24. Jupiter though a strongest benefic among all the planets, can also create problems when placed in watery sign i.e. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces or also in Virgo showing lack of cordiality.

25. Moon with Sun - in 7th house wife will desert the husband and may marry someone else.

26. Venus Mercury and Sun join in 4th house give separation from spouse.

27. Involvement of Saturn with Sun in some form or the other and also connection with 6th house or its lord indicates involvement of the court.

28. 7th lord in 6th or 6th lord in 8th under malefic influence create such problem.

29. A benefic placed in 8th house in sign of Mars or Saturn, may cause separation.

30. Rahu/Ketu in 1:7 or 2:8 axis from 7th house or Venus may give separation from spouse, or may even cause death.

31. Venus in Asc., 2nd, 4th, 6th 8th or 12th aspected by malefic gives separation by death or divorce.

32. Rahu-Ketu axis along 2:8 houses from Asc. or 7th house or from Venus, may cause separation either by divorce or through death.

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