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22. 10. 2018
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Unconventional Marriage In the Horoscope-2

16. Venus placed in 5th house aspected by Saturn points to a mismatch, may be some one involved with a person with large age difference.

17. Saturn dibilited (i.e. in Aries) in 7th house and 7th lord occupying 12th house, may marry a widow or a divorcee.

18. Sun joining Venus in any sign is not a good placement as explained at S.No. 13. If both of these are in 5th house (i.e. house of love affairs) in sign of Mars i.e. Aries or Scorpio give unconventional marriage. It is made worse if Mars is occupying a constellation of Venus (i.e. Bharni, Purva Phaguni & Purva Asadha) it will be a unique type of marriage.

19. Saturn joining waxing Moon, marriage may take place with a widow/ widower or may be second marriage, still with some elements of unconventionality. (Moon is waxing in bright half i.e. Shukla Paksha but in first few days i.e. upto 5th or 6th tithi, is not considered strong. Similarly even after Purnima it is considered to be strong upto 5th of dark half (Krishana Paksha) Saturn joining or aspecting Moon introduces elements of unconventionality, or may create other disturbances.

20. Jupiter placed in inimical sign in 6th, 8th or 12th house give some unconventionality to marriage.

21. Jupiter as 4th lord afflicted by Rahu, can attract one to an unacceptable relation, may be with a divorcee, widow or such person.

In the chart of couple givenabove, in the chart of female, Jupiter as lord of 4th house is in Asc. in own sign but afflicted by Rahu, which aspects and afflicts 7th lord Mercury also. As stated above they are from different castes.

22. Saturn debilited in Navamsa chart may induce unconventionality. It is there in the Chart given above.

23. Mars and Saturn affecting 1:7 axis i.e. Ascendant and 7th house can create some problem of that sort.

24. Jupiter or Venus in 7th or aspecting 7th gives spouse from own racefi.e. a Hindu marryjng a Hindu girl and a Muslim marrying in own community as per erihat Jataka but Rahu, Saturn or Mars in similar situation may cause some deviation from norms.

25. Any connection between Venus-Rahu, Venus-Ketu, Mars-Venus, or Mars related to gth & 12th house, or Venus in Gemini or Virgo may create some -thing, abnormal In the Charts giVe at S. NO. 20 above, Venus is with Mars in chart of Husband andin that of wife Venus is with Rahu.

26. Venus in Aquarius sign has been observed to be disturbing for the set norms.

27. Debilition of Sun, affliction to Moon & Venus and the 7th lord weak, debilitate, combust, eclipsed or in strong malefic influence creates problems.

28. Jupiter or Mar may be taken as Karka for husband in female charts, according to some and Venus is Karka for wife in general. Affliction to these may be a source of trouble for marriage sanctity. Jupiter is Karka for faith/religj0n and if Jupiter is ill placed or afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu or Saturn, one may cross the boundaries of the social norms.

29. Influence of natural malefics on 9th house or 9th lord, or 9th lord placed in sign of debilition or in Dusthana (6/8/12th houses) may induce unconventionality because 9th is house, representing, (besides other things) faith. A weak 9th house or 9th lord or strong malefic influence on these may result in going against wishes of father and norms of faith or religion and that is mostly happens in case of unconventional marriages. See Male's chart above.

30. Venus and Moon placed in 5th house, a love marriage may take place.

31. 12th is the house of bed pleasure, expenses, giving away and also that of suffering, hospitalization and confinement. So when lords of 7th and 12th exchange houses i.e. 7th lord in 12th and 12th lord occupying 7th house, may be more than one marriage and a marriage involving someone from different country or race or culture etc.

32. Mercury joins Venus in close degrees in 7th, one may not have a conventional marriage and rather may have a spouse through unconventional means i.e. purchase it, or accommodating a destitude widow etc.

33. Uranus in 7th house or aspecting 7th house or 7th lord, gives some intrigue or unconventionality.

Uranus is in 7th house of the chart of male given in Eample 10-5, chart given at S.No. 20 above

34. Venus, Saturn and Mars join Moon in 7th, husband & wife both may be corrupt.

35. Uranus in 4th house as per Westren system, gives separation and unsettled home life.

36. Neptune in 5th creates muddle in love affairs and gives disappointments and deceptions in matters related to love or marriage.

37. 5th is house of love and sentiments and if occupied by Rahu, the are possibilities of some unconventional attachment or intimacy.

38. Atma Karka is the plaret having highest degrees of longitude in the birth chart. Rahu and Ketu are not considered. If Saturn is placed in 7 house from the house occupied by the Atma-Karka in navamsa chart, one will marry a person either too younger or too older than the accepted norms.

Thus these factors if marked in the birth chart of some body, one can predict some unconventionality likely to be there in the marriage.

39. In navamsa chart even, if there is any connection between 5th house and 7 house is a dear indication of romantic friendship leading to marriage.

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