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24. 10. 2017
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Brain Diseases (mental and nerve diseases)

Role of Planets, Signs and houses for brain diseases-:

i. Sun is karaka of brain;

ii. Mercury governs nerves and nervous system and diseases like headache, neurasthenia, neuralgia, palpitation, delirium etc.;

iii. Mars produces aggressive nature;

iv. Moon is significator of mind;

v. Saturn indicates the wind pressure in nervous system;

vi. Aries is first house of head of Kalapurusha.

vii. First house is the head of native;

viii. For insanity be combine Moon, Mercury, 5th house and 5th lord;

ix. Epilepsy is mental inefficiency which is seen from Moon, Mercury, 5th house (of mind and intellect), 5th lord, lagna and lagna lord and Leo sign;

X. Moon afflicted by Saturn - melancholic, lonely, dull, morose, gloomy, pessimist

Moon afflicted by Sun - quick temper, quarrelsome, self- aggrandizement;

Moon afflicted by Mars - quick temper, aggressive, violent;

Moon afflicted by Rahu - cunning, phobic, maniac, and schizophrenia;

Moon afflicted by Kethu - maniacal or suicidal tendencies, phobic, suspicious.

In above cases severity depends upon the affliction of Mercury at the same time.

Planetry Combinations of Abnormality of the mind

Planetry Combinations of insanity, mental diseases

Planetry Combinations of Epilepsy, Hysteria

Planetry Combinations of Meningitis

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