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14. 12. 2017
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Profession or business depends upon

1. 10th house from lagna;

2. 10th house from Moon

3. Lord of navamsa containing 10th lord.

4. Sun (karaka for profession)

service depends upon:

1. Strength of lagna;

2. Strength of 6th house;

3. Sun(karaka for service);

4. Mercury (karaka for service)

5. Rajayogas;

5. Parijatha yoga.

6. Directional influences

8. Trines of 6th (i.e. 2nd and 10th)

9. Saturn, Mars (which are also karakas for service)

Karakattawas of planets for professions:

Sun: (significator of govt.): Creator, promoter, owner, physician, rules government brokerage, commission, wood, timber, doctor, magistrate, royal or state appointment, administrator, forest officer, teaching, medicines, bankers, politicians etc.

Moon:(significator of vocation): Mind, mental work, liquids, unsteadiness, movements, salt, sea and changes, traveler, hawker, sailor, naval officers, liquids, dairy products, chemical related professions, pearls, white items, merchants etc.

Mars: Action, medical, military, police, engineering works, fire, lands, daring jobs, butchers, lawyers, surgeons, medicine, metal workers, iron and steel workers, guards, wrestlers, dentists, surgeons, arms dealers etc.

Mercury: (significator of trade): Reasoning or education, merchandise, clerks, auditors, accountants, drivers, teachers, authors, travelers, orators, poets, editors, printers, publishers, mathematician, business, transport, messengers, service, astrologers, writers, journalists, stenographers, stationers, insurance agents, salesmen etc.

Jupiter:(significator of prosperity and intelligence, expansion and dignity): Bankers, treasuries, income-tax, lawyers, auditors, judges, councilors, teachers, professors, editors, scholars, law practice, teaching, priests, preachers, woolen or shoe merchants, advertising agents, research workers etc.

Venus: Pleasures, wealth, artists, poets, jewelers, cinema, video and T.V. lines, Income-tax and other revenues (tax, if connection with Rahu/Kethu/Sat), jewelry, embroidery, transport, rubber, cosmeticians, fashion designers, hotels, amusement parks, photographers, maids, perfumery, bookČkeeping, furniture manufacturers etc.

Saturn:(significator of workers, labourers): Government service, misery, oil, coal, jobs connected with punishment, agriculturist, miners, brick kilns, hair, metals, quarry, etc.

Rahu:(ifwell disposed): Research, scholars, lawyers, speculators, medicines, aviation, telephones, electricity, teeth, poisons drugs etc.

Kethu: Secret services, intoxicants, medical/war service, cunning or tricky jobs, poisonous drugs, occultists, religious head etc.Saturn-Mars combination makes doctor; Sun-Mars combination makes engineers;

Karkattawas of Houses for profession

Signs and profession

Occupations are divided into 6 following categories

Time of fructification of results of 10th House

Nature of one's profession

Railways, Electric and hydro-electric

Navigation, Arms and Press, publicity and newspaper editing

Profession In Drwaing, Gambling, Property and Engineers etc.

Combination of Homeopath, Electronice and service takes place

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