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13. 12. 2018
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Bamboo (Bans)

Bambusa arundinacea Bamboo Vamsah Bans Velu Also known as Latin English Sanskrit Hindi Marathi Tamil Telugu Malayalam Kannada Mulmunkil Vedurubiyyam Mula, Illi Bedru

How it looks—It is a tall thorny shrub with many stems held on a stout root stock. The stem sheath is orange-yellow and streaked. The leaf sheaths are short, bristly and often occupy the whole stem. Flowers are glumes and fruits are oblong grains. What we use—Roots leaves, sprouts, grains, and bamboo manna. What it does—Roots—Cooling, laxative, diuretic tonic

Leaves—Cooling emmenagogue, vulnerary- febrifuge, constrictive Sprouts—Laxative, thermogenic, anti-inflammatory, digestive, carminative, anthelmentic and diuretic. Grains—Anthelmentic, aphrodisiac, tonic

Bamboo manna—It is the siliceous secretion found in the internodes of the stems. It occurs as a bluish white translucent mass. This dried sugar-like granules are called bamboo manna. It is expectorant, haemostatic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, febrifuge.

How we use it— In mouth ulcers—-Apply pasted bamboo manna on the ulcers to effect a quick cure.

In piles—Make a decoction of the leaves of bamboo and pour it into a shallow tub. Seat the piles patient in this tub so that the pile masses are completely immersed in the decoction. Do this every day for 15 minutes for shrinkage of pile masses.

In eye inflammations—Paste the roots of bamboo in water and instill a few drops in the eyes to prevent infections and cure inflammation at early stages.

In bleeding disorders—Paste bamboo manna pieces with some saumph seeds and take everyday until bleeding is controlled.

In worm infestation—Dissolve pieces of bamboo manna in water and add a few crushed cumin seeds to it. This preparation taken internally dislodges worms and expels them.

In cough & other respiratory disorders—Soothing to the throat and expectorant ,manna is highly useful in coughs of all kinds. Powdered manna with some honey is ideal to lick down in such conditions. It has soothing activity on lung tissue.

In diarrhoea and dysentery—The organic salts present in bamboo ensure improvement in the quality of blood, and even bone and elastic tissue. This is why it works effectively in bleeding and its astringent and digestive properties make it a good anti-diarrhoeal.

In scanty urination—Bamboo also has gentle action on the urinary tissue and is therefore used dissolved in water as a diuretic.

In consumption and wasting diseases—Rubbed with amla fruit and honey, it makes a preparation called "Murabba" which is highly nutritive and aphrodisiac.

What it does—Roots—anthelmintic, antiscorbutic, depurative and tonic Fruits—sweet, astringent, emollient, aphrodisiac, anthelmintic antidiabetic, antidysenteric

How we use it— In urinary retention—Take a glassful of the stem juice with a few cardamom seeds crushed into it thrice a day to get rid of painful or burning urination and to dissolve tiny urinary stones.

In anaemia—Take a tsp of the powder of the dried root with milk twice a day.

In wounds—Tie the ripe, clean leaves onto the wounds, to clear it from pus and foul odour. Change this dressing twice a day.

In white discharge—One of the best remedies for excessive vaginal discharge is to mix a tsp of the powder of dried amla seeds and a ripe banana everyday for at least 40 days.

In constipation—A ripe banana with hot milk at bedtime every night is a well known smooth laxative for hard bowels.

In menorrhagia or any other bleeding condition—The fruit of plantain should be consumed everyday mixed with ghee to arrest bleeding either from rectum due to piles, excessive menstrual bleeding, or any other internal bleeding.

In cough and breathing disorders—Roast a banana and peel it after cooling. The banana, so baked should be consumed everyday to relieve from respiratory distress.

When hair is swallowed—Make a curry of plantain stem and consume. The roughage present in it rolls into its bulk hair and other matter present in the alimentary canal and eliminates them.

In boils—Scrape the inside of a ripe banana peel, spread it on a cloth and bandage on to the boil to effect quick healing.

In burns—In an emergency, when nothing is available a banana comes in handy. Mash a yellow ripe banana and spread it over the burn. The demulcent effect of the fruit quickens healing and prevents scar formation. Repeat this procedure for a few days.

In fungal infections—Mix the yellow ripe banana in neem decoction and apply on the patches and wash after half an hour. Repeat until cure is effected.

As a cosmetic—The fruit pulp is mixed in honey or used as such as a face mask.

Modern Study Experimental studies on Musa paradisiaca (banana) in Brazil, showed antiulcer effects in all the models studied. Bananas are highly nutritious and are essential in the diet of the pregnant and lactating woman, growing children and the aged.


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