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15. 12. 2018
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The Story of Dhruva

Maitreya asked: "0 great Sage (Parashar). Now tell me about the creation night from Bhrigu's, progeny to the present date."

Parashar replied: "You know that Sage Bhrigu was married to Khyati and their union brought forth the existence of two male issues Dhata nid Vidhata and a daughter called Lakshmi. Dhata and Vidhata were icspectively married to Mahatma Manu's two daughters: Aayati and Niyati who begot two sons Prana and Mrikundu who were the agents of 1 )y utiman and Markandeya. Dyutiman produced Raj van and Markandey Vedshira. This is how the creation continued to develops.

From Brahma's body was created Manu. Manu is the source of all human creation. Hence the terms Manav or Manuj for man which I iterally mean the products of Manu. Manu had two righteous and brave sons known as Priyavarta and Uttanapad. Uttanapad had two wives Suruchi and Suniti. Suruchi's son was Uttama and Suniti's Dhruva. Since Suruchi was more beautiful, Uttanapad was more fond of her. I lence his affection on Suruchi's son, Uttama, was more than what he showered on Dhruva, the son of Suniti.

One day, while moving in the royal court, Dhruva found Uttama sitting on the father's lap on the throne. He also longed to sit there. Whils he was trying Suruchi, who was standing close by, scolded him sharply saying that he shouldn't covet for the throne since Uttama was its eventual occupant. She also reprimanded Dhruva for trying to get something which was not his.

Dhruva was feeling hurt so he went straight to his mother Suniti and narrated her the whole incident. Hearing it Suniti tried to console her son: "Dear son! One gets in this life in accordance with what one had done in the previous lives. Suruchi and Uttama must have done better deeds in previous lives than what we did to deserve the position they enjoy. Instead of craving for Uttama's position you should try to do better deeds so that in the coming life you may continue to get honourable position. If you do good deeds, act righteously and religiously there is no reason why you shouldn't get better position than that what Uttama enjoys in the life."

Dhruva fell quite consoled with his mother's words. He said:" Mother! Your words have given me peace. I will try to achieve the highest position of all. True, the king loves Uttam 'smother more and it is also true that I am not her son. But I am your son and I will show you what I can achieve. I don't crave for the throne. Let Uttama have it. I will achieve a place by my hard work and devotion which may even be unachievable been for high sages and seers."

The determination in the boy's words was apparent. Although Suniti tried to dissuade him from going to the forest to perform a severe penance, Dhruva would not listen to her. The forest was not far away from the palace. When Dhruva reached the denser part of the jungle he met seven sages. He bowed before them and said: "I am Dhruva, the son of Raja Uttanapad and Suniti. I am unhappy and so I have come before you." The sages were surprised and they asked: "Prince, you are hardly five years old. What could be the reason of your feeling so unhappy at this age.'Moreover, your father is a king and very much on throne. Nor you seem to be suffering from any illness. Then what could have caused as much unhappiness to you as to drive you out of the luxury of the palace and to these jungles?"

Then Dhruva elaborately told them the reason of unhappiness. He said that he desired neither wealth nor kingdom. He simply wanted to achieve a position no one has achieved before. Seeing his determination writ large on his face, the sages were amazed. Such a quietly resolve in such a juvenile mind! But they knew the firmness of a child's resistance or 'Baal Hath! They know that if a child decides to achieve anything nothing can prevent it. So, instead of discouraging him or dissuading Inn i from performing rigorous penance in the dense jungle, they advised linn to worship Vishnu for only Vishnu could assure Dhruva the position ihal he desired. While departing they taught him the 12-syllabled mantra: OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA' which they told was V cry efficient to please Vishnu.

As they departed, Dhruva continued his journey onwards to reach the Madhuvan on the banks of river Yamuna. Many years later this u-gion was to be known as Mathura to be established by Rama's younger brother, Shatrughna after killing Madhu demon's son Lavana. Selecting neat spot right on the bank of Yamuna under a huge tree; he started his worship of Lord Vishnu, chanting the Mantra continuously. I lowever, not many days elapsed when Dhruva's severe penance began to cause a stir in the divine realm. As has always been the case, Indra got nervous seeing Dhruva's this penance whose ultimate aim he thought was to capture his (Indra's) throne. Immediately many kinds of obstruction were devised by the celestials at Indras behest. Apsaras (divine danseuses) were dispatched followed by deadly 'rakshashas! I he divine inspiration made Jackals start howling around Dhruva. Ghost and gobbins came to frighten the boy. But Dhruva remained undisturbed. ('oncentrating only on Lord Vishnu he continued to chant the Mantra: OM NAMO BHAGVATE VASL*DEVAYA!

When the gods' activities failed to disturb Dhruva's concentration they grew panicky. They were now convinced that Dhruva must be eyeing at some divine status either of sun, Kubera, Varuna and others. At last they went to Vishnu and requested him to devise some plan as to make Dhruva stop his worship. Without bandying words with the gods, Vishnu reassured the gods that they shouldn't feel disturbed. He knew that such positions and material rewards were the last things in Dhruva's mind. In fact Vishnu had allowed the gods to devise all obstructions to Dhruva's worship with two intentions. First, to ascertain the firmness m Dhruva worship and secondly, to make the gods realise that there were other positions much respectable then their own position. I laving served his both the purposes he decided to appear before Dhruva. So one fine morning Vishnu appeared before Dhruva and offered him a boon. The boy opened his eyes and saw Vishnu standing before him. Dhruva sought the boon that he should always feel like praying to Vishnu. As a matter of fact, Dhruva didn't really wanted a boon at all. When he saw Lord Vishnu before him, he desired nothing more. All his yearning seemed totally gratified. Nevertheless, Vishnu was so pleased with Dhruva's devotion and selfless dedication that he persisted in granting Dhruva some boon. When persistently asked to reveal his desire this way Dhruva, at last, said that he wanted a position as might place him on the top of the world.

Vishnu assured Dhruva of his getting such a position. He also told Dhruva that in an earlier life Dhruva had been a Brahman who was devoted to Vishnu. Since Brahman friend was a wealthy prince he desired to get the same position and so Dhruva was born in this life as a prince.

However, in this life Dhruva desired no such mundane status or wealth, Lord Vishnu promised to make him occupy such an eternal position in the sky as would make all the stars revolve round it. His mother Suniti, by the virtue of her being Dhruva's mother, got also a high position in the heaven not far from Dhruva's son.

[The place of the Dhruva Tara or the Pole. Star can still be easily identified. Near the Ursa Major (Saptarishi Mandal) is placed the Pole Star which is the Star of Dhruva. This Pole-Star remains stationary for a very long period of time.]


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