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17. 01. 2018
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According to Ayurveda, diseases can be grouped into three categories depending upon the affliction of the mind and the body. They are:

(1) Physical or somatic;

(2) Psychosomatic; and

(3) Psychic.

Anaemia or pandu roga belongs to the first category, bronchial asthma or tamaka shwasa belongs to the second category and epilepsy or apasmara belongs to the third category.

Depending upon the dominance of doshas, viz., vata, pitta, kapha and their combined form, apasmara is of four types. The fifth type is called yoshapasmara, which is popularly known as hysteria. This type is more prevalent among women. Various types of psychic stress are considered to be the causes of this disease and the heart interlinked with mind is primarily affected. Some physical factors like constipation, wind in stomach and impairment of digestion are precipitating factors.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Epilepsy: The aim of Ayurvedic treatment of this condition is to correct the nervous system and strengthen the heart. Brahmi and vacha are the two choice medicinal plants which Ayurvedic physicians use for treatment of this condition. Both these plants grow in marshy lands, specially near the sides of rivulets and streams. The entire plant of brahmi is used in medicine whereas only the rhizome or the underground portion of vacha is used. Stems and leaves of brahmi are thick and juicy, and they do not get dry easily. Therefore, the juice of this plant is used in medicine. On the other hand, the rhizome of vacha is used in powder form for which it should be dried in shade.

One teaspoonful of the juice of brahmi or the powder of vacha or both combined is to be mixed with one teaspoonful of honey and given to the patient three times a day. Juice of brahmi is slightly bitter in taste and the addition of honey makes it palatable. The powder of vacha has an acrid smell and the addition of honey removes this bad smell and makes it more palatable.

There are many preparations of these two and other drugs. Some of them produce results quickly and there is no unpleasant taste and smell. One of the compound preparations which produces quicker results is Brihat-vata- kulantaka rasa. This drug, among others, contains gold in bhasma form. Various types of pharmaceutical processes through which this and such other metals are treated, make them non-toxic and easily assimilable. In 125 gm. dose, this medicine is to be given three times a day with honey.

Diet to taken by Epilepsy patients: Intake of pungent things is strictly prohibited. Cow's ghee is considered to be extremely beneficial in this condition. Deep inhalation of cow's ghee through nostrils also yields very good results.

Other regimens: Mental strain of all type should be avoided and the epilepsy patient should always be kept busy so that he does not get time to brood over his ailment. Massage of the head and soles of the feet daily with til oil also contributes to a quick recovery from this trouble.

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