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20. 03. 2018
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The part of Fortuna is an "Imaginary Point" which stands in the same relationship to the ascendant as the Moon does to the Sun.

In other words the part of Fortuna is a Zodiacal point which is equally distant from the Ascendant as the Moon is from the Sun in longitude. It benefits the houses in which it is located at birth.

Rule. To find the place of Fortuna in a horoscope, add the longitudes of Ascendant to the Moon's longitude from which sum substract the longitude of the Sun, and the remainder will be the place of Fortuna.

Example. Let the ascendant be Leo 20-59'-34". The Moon in Libra 0-32' and Sun be in Virgo 27-28'. The position of fortuna will be :

The Fortuna indicates the general synthesis of the personal life controlled by the ascendant. This is used in Western astrology and not included in Hindu astrology. This book deals with Hindu astrology yet the author feels the inclusion of Fortuna in the book as it helps the native to a great extent in delineating the horoscope.

So now we explain in a coincise form effects of Fortuna in the twelve house:

First House. The position in the Ascendant or first house indicates gain and happiness by the native's own efforts. The native will move much in the world to see and be seen as the contact with many people will bring purely pleasant experiences and will be a means of progress and development. Happiness will be more, the native will give up counting on other people's help.

If aspected inharmoniously, will make disillusions and disappointments due to excessive confidence, one cannot put his ideas into practice being over sensitive to external things and influences but one should learn from such things.

Second House. Indicates financial success, happiness and gain through property, gain by employment and business, protection and promotion through business and friendship. If afflicted delays and troubles in above matters.

Third House
. Happiness through friends, relatives and journeys. Gain through intellectual affairs. One may be advisor or a secretary and gain or take up agencies profitable to him without exertion.

Fourth House. Pleasant, harmonious, domestic surroundings. Fortunate, gain through property, treasure or other hidden things or produce of the earth, minerals, metals etc. Investment on landed property will be beneficial. A wealthy person. Good health and mental attitude.

If afflicted disappointments in affection with usually exercise a very depressing influence on the state of mind and on health.

Fifth house. Investments, speculation and children contribute for substantial gain, liking for adventurous enterprises both materially and ideally. A good portion of pleasure in life and lucky children. There may also be gain through cinema, opera and drama. Taste for music.

If afflicted indicates much loss and damage through speculations, pleasure and children. Troubles and difficulties in the home through one's freedom in ideas, reckless prodigality etc.

Sixth house. Helpful uncles and gain through them. Aslo gain through servants, animals and banking business. Gain by hard work and devotion which will depend on self control.

When afflicted loss gain from subordinates and servants. Dependence on others will be harmful instead to it yourself what you want to get it done bv others.

Seventh House. Gain through partners and other sex. One may gain through contracts, litigation, election, competitions, victory over enemies. Success in dealing with women and in marriage or partnerships.

When afflicted indicates obstacles, delays and hindrance, marriage late at mature age. Other results will be adverse than as stated above.

Eighth House. Gain through obstacles, delays and hindrance, or one may have carrer woman as his wife. Also gain through business, inheritance, insurance, gratuity, bonus etc. Profits through the use of other's money and matters of dead.

If afflicted less favourable financial circumstances, disappointments etc.

Ninth House. Expansion of consciousness, widening the field of vision, literally as well as figuratively. God's blessings at the difficult and odd times in life. Long journeys, success through religious and charitable institutions, through foreigners investions or books. Makes money through working as travelling agent, exports and imports. Ambitious for higher studies and higher status etc.

If afflicted reverse the results as indicated above.

Tenth House. Fine career and successful work. Self made man, domestic gain and from relatives. God name, fame and reputations in profession, will reach highest rank of service or profession.

If afflicted sudden fall and losses. Difficulties, troubles and distrust of others.

Eleventh House. Beneficial friends and helpful brothers, profitable business, realisation of hopes and desires, pleasure, profits and permanent tie of friendship with powerful people Helpful to others and gain through relatives.

If afflicted reverse results than above.

Twelfth House. Only serious endeavour towards self improvement and solitude will bring happiness. Great victory after troubles and strifes. Lucky in purchase and sale. Fortunate in secret activities and investments. Gain and increase in wealth from unknown sources. Pleasant beddings and rest.

When afflicted, loss in various ways, without humility, no riches and without limitations no freedom.

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