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21. 03. 2018
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Jaundice is characterised by the appearance of yellowness in the eyes and skin. In Ayurveda this is called kamala. It is caused by excessive circulation of pitta (bile pigments) in the blood. The liver is responsible for the production of pitta. If there is any obstruction in the bile duct, or impairment of the functions of the liver, or excessive destruction of the red blood cells, then the pitta appears in excess in the blood.

Normally it comes out of the body through urine and stool. If, however, there is an obstruction in the bile ducts, then it does not come out through the bowels. Normal stool gets its characteristic colour because of the bile and if there is an obstruction in the bile duct then the stool becomes pale white in colour. The urine however, continues to be excessively yellow in all types of jaundice.

Apart from the yellowness of the eyes and the skin, many other symptoms are manifested depending upon the case of the jaundice. The digestion, specially that of fat, is impaired, and consequently the patient becomes physically weak. Destruction of red blood cells, and circulation of bile pigments in excessive quantity result in the impairment of the oxidation of the tissue cells resulting in defective metabolism and associated complaints There may be itching all over the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice: In Ayurveda, in such conditions, purgation is administered in the beginning. Since the patient is weak, strong purgatives are contra- indicated. Only cholagogue type of purgatives which stimulate the function of the liver and increase the flow of bile in the bile duct are used. Trivrit and kutaki are the two drugs of choice for its treatment. The root bark of trivrit and the rhizome of kutaki are used separately or mixed together in a powder form. Depending upon the strength of the patient and the seriousness as well as the stage of the disease, the powder of these drugs is given in a dose of one to two teaspoonfuls, twice daily with hot water.

Two compound preparations frequently used in the treatment of this condition are Avipattikara churna and Arogya vardhini vati. Trivrit is an important ingredient of the former and katuki of the latter. The former which is in a powder form is given in a dose of one teaspoonful twice daily with hot water. The latter which is in the form of tablets (of 0.25 gm. each) is given in a dose of two tablets three times daily followed by hot water or mixed with honey.

Bhumyamalaki is commonly used in the treatment of all types of kamaia. It is a small herb about six inches high. It has a slender and soft stalk. The juice of this plant is given to the patient in a dose of one teaspoonful three times a day, mixed with honey. This can also be given in the form of a paste. Other drugs which are also used in this condition are vasaka, kakamachi and triphala.

Diet to taken by Jaundice patients: Sweet things and liquid foods like sugar-cane juice, orange juice and dry grapes are to be given to the patient in large quantities. This increases urination which helps in the elimination of bile pigments which are excessive in the blood. Vegetable and meat soups can be given to the patient. Vegetables having bitter taste are useful in this condition. Food articles which are sour and pungent in taste and spices are not good for this condition. Salt should be taken in limited quantity. Pomegranate, although sour, is good.

Curd should not be given. But butter-milk prepared by churning the curd and removing the butter can be given to the patient in large quantities provided it is not very sour. Alcohol in any form is contra-indicated.

Other regimens: The jaundice patient should be given complete rest. He should avoid heat, sun, sex and psychic factors like anger and anxiety.

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