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21. 10. 2017

Astrology Books

Welcome to the world of Astrology books and manuscripts based on the ancient science of Astrology, Gemstone, Feng Shui, Tantra, Vastu shastra, Vedic yantras, Rudraksha and various related subjects. Astroshastra promises to provide you the best published works of famous authors having authority on these subjects at reasonable prices without compromising with the quality of the works.

Astroshastra has collected best sellers in Astrology and provided you an Online Book Store at your home. Each published work offers the ways to make your life more complete and full of happiness. Come and Explore..........

Astrology Books

INR:200 USD:3.17
Manasagari (Khemraj Edition) (Sanskrit Text With

INR:250 USD:3.97
Secret Of Nakshtras Hindi

INR:150 USD:2.38
Timing Events Through Vimshottary Dasha English

INR:300 USD:4.76
Problems Of Marriage And Their Astrological Soulut

INR:255 USD:4.05
How To Time An Event

Yantra Books

INR:300 USD:4.76
Yantra Mantra Tantra & Occult Sciences

INR:50 USD:0.79
Teesa Yantra Avam Bodh Battisa

INR:220 USD:3.49
Anubhoot Yantra Mantra Aur Totke

INR:300 USD:4.76
Practicals Of Yantras

INR:300 USD:4.76
Yantra Tantra Mantra Occult Sciences

Rudraksh Books

INR:60 USD:0.95
Rudraksh Chamatkar

INR:150 USD:2.38
Rudraksh Rahashy [Hindi]

Tantra Books

INR:150 USD:2.38
Tantra Sadhna

INR:150 USD:2.38
Mantra Sadhna

INR:150 USD:2.38
Practicals Of Mantras Tantras

INR:191 USD:3.03
Beating Tantra At Its Own Game

INR:150 USD:2.38
Tantra Aur Pret Vidya

Fengshui Books

INR:180 USD:2.86
Fengshui 151 Golden Tips

INR:250 USD:3.97
Guide To Fengshui Goodluck Symbols

INR:80 USD:1.27
Symbolic Fengshui & Amazing Crystals

INR:200 USD:3.17
Fengshui 151 Tips

INR:100 USD:1.59
Fengshui Amazing Crystals

Vastu Books

INR:300 USD:4.76
Pyramid And Temple Vaastu

INR:300 USD:4.76
Remedial Vaastu Shastra

INR:450 USD:7.14
Vaastu Shastra Aur Feng Shui

INR:600 USD:9.52
Sampoorna Vaastu Shastra

INR:220 USD:3.49
Remedial Vaastu Shastra

Numerology Books

INR:195 USD:3.10
Miracles Of Numerology English

INR:195 USD:3.10
Miracles Of Numerology

INR:275 USD:4.37
Numerology Made Easy English

INR:90 USD:1.43

INR:45 USD:0.71
Read & Learn Numerology

Remedies Books

INR:50 USD:0.79
Kali Chalessa

INR:50 USD:0.79
Shree Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha

INR:200 USD:3.17
Hanumaan Chalisa

INR:50 USD:0.79
Shirdi Sai Chalisa

INR:100 USD:1.59
Sundar Kand

Gems Books

INR:150 USD:2.38
Book On Gemstone[English]

Palmistry Books

INR:50 USD:0.79
Mahendipur Ke Balaji

INR:150 USD:2.38
Rudraksh Shakti Ke Rahesya

INR:50 USD:0.79
Nitya Pooja Yantra Mala

INR:200 USD:3.17
Tone Totke Aur Tabeez

INR:40 USD:0.63
Shree Vishnu Sahastranaama

Aroma Books

INR:200 USD:3.17
Aromatherapy [English]

Artis & Chalisa Books

INR:6 USD:0.10
Shiv Chaaleesaa

INR:6 USD:0.10
Durga Chaaleesaa

INR:15 USD:0.24
Shree Lakshmee Chaaleesaa

INR:20 USD:0.32
Shree Krishna Chaaleesaa

INR:40 USD:0.63
Durgaa Chaaleesaa

Yoga Books

INR:25 USD:0.40
Door Way To Yog (Pawan Mukta Asan)

INR:20 USD:0.32
Dhayan Sadhana

INR:70 USD:1.11
Yog Rashmi

INR:25 USD:0.40
Obesity & Old Age

INR:1750 USD:27.78
The Complete Collection Of Yoga Parijat (Anupam Yo


INR:150 USD:2.38
Chanakya Niti

INR:150 USD:2.38

INR:50 USD:0.79
Chanchal Ki Superhit Bhente

INR:540 USD:8.57
Clinical Methods [English]

INR:160 USD:2.54
Childern Kee Khani

Sammohan Aur Sammohan Chikitsa
INR:150 USD:2.38

Relationship: Marriage,Love & Sex
INR:270 USD:4.29

Casting The Horoscope (Using Ephemeris) English
INR:150 USD:2.38

Remedial Vaastu Shastra
INR:300 USD:4.76

Vedic Astrology Demystified English
INR:450 USD:7.14

Esoteric Principles Of Vedic Astrology (A Treatise
INR:300 USD:4.76

Samudric Vighyan-2
INR:350 USD:5.56

Notable Horoscopes English
INR:235 USD:3.73

Vedic Astrology (An Integrated Approach) English
INR:275 USD:4.37

Lal Kitab
INR:150 USD:2.38

Revelation From Naadi Jyotisha (Based On Brighu/Na
INR:575 USD:9.13

Kali Chalessa
INR:50 USD:0.79

Siddh Mala-4 In Indonesian Beads

Crystal Pyramid (100 Gm. Appr.)

Lakshmi Narayan Shaligram

Parad Rosary 108+1 Beads

Lakshmi Narayan Yantra (4" X 4")

American Diamond (1)

Success Oil


Sri Vidya Worship Sanskrit

Heera Shankh 054

Laghu Coconut

Piegon Flowers(2)

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