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24. 06. 2018
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Vaastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra is the sublime elucidation of your surrounding and their influence on your life. Vastu literally means " house" or Dwelling Place and its principles establish to create a harmony between the fine elements viz. Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the environment .

Our ancient sages have applied their vastu knowledge and judgment to mitigate the negative functioning of our environment and increase the advantageous effect that it can have on our life. Indisputably, Vastu is an essential part of astrology, it takes into consideration not only physical / corporeal success but also mental calmness & tranquility.

Vastu Sastra deals with different aspects of house and building construction in such a way that the house or building in question is most favourable & lucky for the owner of the building or its occupants.

The norms prescribed in Vastu Sastra, if accurately applied, ensures desired results & fulfillment of all ce- sires pertaining to house or building construction. The Vastu Sastra ensures prosperity, peace, good luck, safety, happiness, good health, comforts, satisfaction, improved reputation, growth of family, long life of owner, birth of son, improved social and financial sta¬tus & courage to the owner and other members of the family.

In addition, it ensures good longevity to the house or building in question. It also ensures completion of house or buidling construction without any obstruc¬tion, delay, damage, setback or objection by local ad¬ministration, ensures peace of mind & happiness.

  1. Brief Introduction to Vastu Shastra
  2. Vastu and Directions
  3. Vastu Tips
      a. For Your Home
      b. For Your Factory
      c. For your Office
      d. For Good Health
      e. For better Finances
      f. For Relationships
  4. Vaastu Remedies
      a. Pyramids
      b. 91 Pyramid Set
      c. Pyramid Chips
  5. Vastu Principles
      a. Location of land
      b. Selection of Land
      c. Energy measurements and remedial measures.
  6. Vastu Test
      a. Evaluate your Property
      b. Evaluate your Shop or Office
      c. Evaluate your Plot
      d. Evaluate your House / Flat
  7. Vastu Consultancy
Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology, it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong.

Vastu is a part of Vedas, which are believed to be four to five thousand years old. The art of Vastu originates in the Stapatya Veda, a part of the Atharva Veda.

Vedas are divided and brought into the written form making it easier for people to understand. Sacred writings are arranged in-groups.

- Vedas
- Upavedas (supplementary vedas)
- Vedangas (limbs of Vedas)
- Upaangas (supplementary parts)

Rigveda, the heart of the entire Veda comprises of 10,552 verses.

- Yajurveda, sacred selections from Rigveda to chant with rhythm have about 2000 verses.
- Saamaveda, holy selections from the Rigveda arranged for melodious chanting, is enriched with about 2000 verses.
- Atharvaveda, combination of all the three Vedas with nearly 6,000 verses is considered to be a unique one.

The Vedangas and Upavedas are collections of texts that succor the Vedas to be systematic as a sacred living. Upavedas are: -

. Artha Veda, which reveals statecraft
. Ayur Veda, which deals with medicine and health
. Dhanur Veda, is the military science derived from Yajur Veda
. Gandharva Veda, the science which enlighten music and arts
. Sthapatya Veda, dealing with the architecture. (Vastu Shastra is a part of Sthapatya Veda)

Vastu is considered to be 100% part of our ancient astrology. According to documents, available lord Brahma is the lord of Vastu, who is supposed to protect us & also our houses & buildings from malefic influences of planets and nature. In VaastuShastra there are many Dikpalas, Lord of different directions, who supply necessary power for protection of the house & its owner and also all other persons living in the house.

Vaastu Shastra deals with all type of houses, buildings & structures classified as under :

— Residential buildings: Houses, kothies, flats, hostels, hotels, dharamshalas, guest houses & inns.
— Religious buildings: Temples, gurdwaras, and churches.
— Commercial buildings: Business houses, shoping complex, banks, stock exchanges, whole sale and retail markets and offices.
— Public Buildings : Hospitals, Govt. Offices, Courts, etc.
— Farm House : Poultary, diary & agricultural.
— Educational Institutions : Schools, Colleges, special Training Institutions and Research Institutions.
— Manufacturing houses : Workshops, factories & other big and small manufacturing units.
— Misc Buildings: Cinema houses, Clubs, Police Stations, Military building for use of Army, Navy & Airforce, Bridges & Canals, Power stations, Railway net work, tunnels, tanks, wells, godowns, warehouses.


1. Norms for Water Tanks and Wells

2. Norms for Testing of Soil of site or Land

3. Norms for Selection of Site

4. Vastu Norms for Good Health

5. Vastu for Better Finances

6. Vastu Norms for Environment

7. Vastu for Relationships

8. Horoscope and Vastu Dosha

9. Vastu rules in analysizing Horoscope

10. Muhurta and Vastu

11. Use of Colour therapy in Vastu , Colour in Vastu, Use of Colour and Directions

12. Yogic Remedies and Vastu, Pranayam & Yog Asana

13. Transcendental Meditation, Soham Sadhana

14. Vipasana, Reiki , sudarshankriya

15. Homa, Havan importance in Vastu

16. Ionisers in Vastu

17. Use of Crystal Pyramid at Home

18. Arghyadan

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