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22. 10. 2018
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Norms for Stambh Staphna

Stambh Staphna is also an important activity in building construction. To understand its importance & future impact on the individual & house, Kurm Chakra is applied as under:

Method No. 1:

= [Lunar dates of House construction x 5] + [Number of Star from Kritika to day’s star] + 12/9= Balance.

If balance 1, 4, 7= Kurm in water area= Gain

2, 5, 8= Kurm in soil area= Loss.

3, 6, 9= Kurm in Akash area= Death.

Method No. 2:

Count the star of the day from Sun star. The results are as under:

First 2- Stambh Mool= Loss of wealth.

Next 2o- Stambh Centre= Gain of wealth & reputation

Next 6- Front of Stambh= Death.

P.S. The number include Abhijit Star.

Method No. 3:

Count the star of the day from Sun Star. The results are as under.

First 3 Stars = Death

5 = Happiness

8 = Wealth, Son, Happiness

8 = Loss of friend

3 = Happiness & Son.

Auspicious Months:

Pausa, Phalguna, Vaisakha, Bhadrapada, Sravana, & Kartika are benefic & assures son, gain, good health, improved wealth & good longevity.

In olden days the procedure of the stambh staphna was very common. They used to provide a pillar to ensure protection of his family, fame & reputation. The stambh should also be worshipped as per procedure laid down.

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