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16. 12. 2018
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Vastu Sastra is an ancient Science and deals with all type of structure. It deals with selection of benefic country, benefic city, benefic direction in the city, benefic type of plot, benefic soil, etc etc., which usually modern Vastu experts do not know apply. They usually discuss lay out of the house and different essential provisions in the house and impact of solar energy. However I have explained all possible methods for each activity of the Vastu, all important norms and astrological remedial measures for each Vastu activity.

Since it is difficult for a lay man to read between the lines and correctly understand and apply all the norms of Vastu, I have summarized the most essential norms for constructing a benefic and most lucky & useful house.

However as regards norms prescribed for other activities including astrological remedial measures, Vastu for flats & offices, these are explained in relevant independent chapters.

This chapter deals with only benefic and lucky position of important constituents of a house. The position of rooms & different services, their coordination, their benefic usage, their benefic nature depending on their location & direction on a prescribed & lucky plot will ensure good luck, good health and good wealth to the owner of the house & his family members.

However the construction of the house should be synchronized with the horoscope of the native and most auspicious astrological time. In addition apply necessary astrological remedial measures also.

Bed Rooms:

? Most benefic, if owners bed room is provided in South direction of the house.

? Always keep your heads towards South while sleeping. This ensures proper supply of magnetic energies from North through your legs to head.

? Bed room for couple may be provided in West direction or North direction only.

? Master bedroom may be provided in SW direction for father, or eldest son. Cots should be in SW corner & should not touch wall of the room.

Dining Room:

? Most benefic position in East or South-East corner, adjoining the kitchen.

? It can also be provided in West direction of kitchen. But the entrance should be from East.

? Face East direction while eating.

? Dining table should be rectangular.

? Provide wash basin in East or North direction of kitchen.

Living Room:

? Provide the living room adjoining the Pooja room in North-East direction. It can also be provided in North or East direction.

? Its door should be in East or North-East direction.

? Keep sufficient space3e vacant in East & North.

? Keep sofa etc in South or West direction facing East direction.

Drawing Room:

? Most benefic position is in the East direction facing the main gate.

? This position develops cordial relations with the visitors.

? It is benefic if the family members face east direction in the drawing room.

? It is also most benefic if a pot of drinking water is kept in the North-East corner of the drawing room.

Children Room:

? It is most benefic to provide a children room in North direction.

? They should face East while sleeping, so that head is in West direction.

? Their cots should not touch walls.

? Their study table should face East direction or North direction.

? The room should have a door & a window in East or North-East direction.

? Green or Yellow light in the room is considered benefic.

? Keep a container of drinking water in North-East direction of the room.

Puja Room & placement of God:

? Most benefic in North-East corner, the direction belonging to Jupiter.

? Keeps Gods in West/East so as to face East or West direction.

? Keep it in North side of the room but facing East direction or even West direction.

? Puja Room in South-East & South-West is most malefic.

? Brahm Sthana can be used for bigger Pujas.


? Most benefic in South-East corner, the direction belonging to Venus.

? Kitchen platform should be in East direction, if it is not possible to provide a kitchen in South-East direction, provide sink in NE corner.

? It is most benefic, if the cooking is done while facing East direction.

? Never provide a kitchen or kitchen platform in South direction or cooking facing South. It may cause severe sickness.

Valuables and Cash:

? Provide safe etc in North direction although its faces towards South.

? Ensure your face is towards North, while handling documents, cash etc in the cupboard.

? North direction is ruled by Kuber, the God of wealth.

Well, Storage tank or bore well:

? Most benefic in North or North-East direction.

? If any well or tank etc exists in any other direction, close it, as it is most malefic and causes loss of health & wealth.

? If you do not have well, tank or bore-well, always keep a water container in North or North-East direction, as it will ensure good luck to the owner & all family members.

? Well or bore well in South-East, South and South-West direction should be closed.

Study Room:

? Most benefic in North or North-East direction.

? In addition provide some drinking water facilities in this direction.

? During the course of study or decision making keep some drinking water in the direction.

? Never provide a study room in North-West direction as it causes dullness and weakness.


? Most benefic in North-West, South-West direction.

? Never provide toilet in East or North or North-East direction to avoid destruction.

Store room for old goods:

? Most benefic in South-West direction ruled by Rahu.

? Do not keep grains or new items in this store. However instruments can be kept in this room.

Store for grains:

? Most benefic in West direction, ruled by Saturn, but before dead end.

? In addition provide a very small door for discharge of polluted air.

? A Ventilation can also be provided in this direction.

Store Room for Costly items:

? Most benefic in North direction.

? Never provide a store room in South-East corner.

Bath Rooms:

? Benefic position is East and North directions.

? In other directions take bath while facing East or North directions.

? This will ensure benefic rays of Sun to fall on the body, which is good for health.

? A good window should be provided in bathroom.


? Most benefic position is East direction or North direction preferably opposite the main gate.

? Never provide veranda in South and West directions.

? It may cause serious sickness in these directions.

? You can provide a mirror in East or North wall which ever is bigger.

Floor level:

? It should always be higher in Southern direction.

? It should be lower in North and East directions to ensure benefic flow of water & waves.

? It should be 3’ to 5’ above ground level of roads.

Stair case:

? Most benefic position is South or West side of the structure.

? Never provide staircase in North-East direction.


? It is most benefic to provide maximum number of windows of uniform shape & size in East & North directions to enable the benefic energies to enter the house/building. It also ensures good health, good wealth & happiness.

Drainage of rain water:

? It is benefic to provide rain water pipes on Northern & Eastern walls to ensure flow of rain water in Northern & Eastern directions only. Ensure that rain water does not flow towards Southern direction, which causes loss of wealth & health.

Guest house/ Guest room:

? It is good to provide a guest room in West direction, the direction of Saturn.

? Never provide a guest room in North-East and South-West directions.

? If necessary provide the guest house in North-West direction.

? This room can also be used by the new couple.

? The beds should not touch walls & they should keep heads towards South direction.

Overhead tank:

? Most benefic in South-West direction which is opposite North-East direction.

? If essential provide overhead tank in South or West directions.

? It is most malefic to provide overhead tank in North, East, South-East & North-East direction.

? In these direction it is most malefic.

Compound wall:

? Most benefic to provide a compound wall in all the four directions of the house.

? The compound wall should be lower in East and North directions. Whereas it should be higher in South & West directions of the house.


? Provide a garage and parking area in the North-West corner of the house.

? It should be outside the main house.

? It should not touch the main house.

? It may touch the compound wall.

? Open space or portico can also be used for parking purpose.

? Don not use North-East space for parking.

Main Door:

? Most benefic position is East, North and NE directions of the house.

? If any main door exists in other directions, specially in South-East, North-West, or South-West, directions, it should be closed.

? Do not provide four doors in a row including main door of the house.


? Mirrors are very useful in balancing the malefic impact outside the house.

? Mirrors should reflect the higher sections of the house.

? Mirrors should not reflect the Southern, South-Eastern and North-Western part of the house.

? Mirrors should be specially provided if there is any obstruction opposite the house, main gate or main entrance. This will remove the evil influence of the obstructions.

Space in the rooms:

? More vacant space should be provided in North, North-East and East directions of the room.

? Never provide more vacant space in South, West & South-West directions of the room.


? Never provide a basement in the house. It causes bad luck to the owner.

? If essential provide in East, North and North-East direction with sufficient ventilation.

Compound gate:

? The compound gate or entrance gate should always be opposite the main gate in the main building, depending on the face of the main building.

? Height of the gate should be more than width and should not be higher than compound walls.

Servant Quarter:

? Provide servant quarter in North-West direction.

? Its walls should not touch walls of the main structure.

Main Structure of house:

? It should be independent & should have not a common wall or touch the adjoining wall. It should be square or rectangular.

Size of Rooms:

? Length should always be bigger than width.

? Provide entry gate in the smaller wall.


? Plot should be square or rectangular.

? Plot should face East & never at the dead end of road.

? Plot’s level should be from South to North.

? Plot should not be near temple or burial ground.

? Plot should face the main road in East or North.

? Plot should not be opposite any major obstructions.

? Provide a boundary wall around the plot.

? Provide main entrance in East direction of the boundary wall.

? Site/Plot should never be hollow underneath.

? Provide more vacant space in East & North directions.

? Provide less vacant space in South & West directions.

? Provide a lawn in North-East directions.

? Provide higher & thicker boundary walls in South & West directions.

? Provide lower boundary walls in East & North directions.

? Provide overhead water tank only in South-West direction.

? Provide vacant space in the middle of the main structure which should be reserved for Vastu Purusha & should be used for religious purposes only.

? Provide main door in East in the 4th/9th part of width from North-East corner. It should be very attractive.

? Provide door & more windows of equal size in even number, but not in ten or multiple of ten.

? Provide ventilations over all the doors & windows in East & North directions.

? Provide heavy curtains over all the windows & doors in West & South directions.

? Provide main building independent of boundary wall.

? Provide compound wall around the plot.

? Provide entrance in the compound wall, opposite the main gate.

? Provide herbal plants in the vacant space.

? Provide space between two buildings.

? Provide Veranda in East & North.

? Provide no Veranda in South & West.

? Provide rectangular type of rooms & drawing room.

? Provide higher level of rooms (approximately 3”) in South-West directions and lower in North-East.

? Provide water tank/ well in North-East direction or East direction or North direction only. In other direction it causes loss of health & Wealth and death of some relatives .

? Provide prescribed colours in different directions or white colour in all the directions:

? Provide Lord Ganesh in the house in such a way that its back is directly towards the road.

? Provide photos of dead relations & God/ Goddess in Puja room or on Eastern wall.

? Provide drain pipe or nala for waste water in the South, West or South-West directions.

? Avoid sleeping or sitting under the beams.

? Provide heavy trees in South-West direction.

? Apply astrological norms prescribed for selection of benefic country, benefic city, benefic direction, benefic site, benefic soil etc.

? Apply astrological norms and remedial measures for purchase of land, surfacing the level of the plot, planning of house, foundation, layout of rooms, provision of main gate etc & providing other facilities inside the house. `

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