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13. 12. 2018
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In Astrology large number of yogas are given indicating whether a person will acquire a house or construct a house for his own purpose or for use of his family members. Astrologer should examine such yogas and find out:

— Planets indicating acquisition of a house.

— Planets indicating loss of a house.

— Planets indicating building a house but subsequent loss of the house.

— Significators of house their benefic & malefic positions.

— Timing of the event-when the house will be acquired by the owner.

— 4th & 2nd house, their lords, Mars & Venus.

Astrologer should decide the timing of event and suggest acquiring or building a house during that period so that the longevity of the house, its beneficial qualities, its directional strength are assured. This exercise will ensure a happy, lucky, & beneficial home for the owner. In case house is constructed during the period or inter period of a planet being enemy of 4th lord, the house will be destroyed or goes to enemy. Beneficial combinations at the time of construction, should have relation with 4th lord, ASC lord, Venus, Jupiter & Moon.

Yogas for house acquisition in the horoscope of an individual:

— Ascendant Lord & 4th house lords are strong: 100% ownership.

— Ascendant Lord & 4th Lord have an exchange: 100% ownership.

— Ascendant Lord & 4th lord are in Ascendant: 100% ownership.

— Ascendant Lord & 4th lord are in 4th house: 100% ownership.

— Ascendant Lord & 7th lord are in 4th house: 100% ownership.

— Ascendant occupied by Jupiter in cancer: 100% ownership.

— 4th Lord in Ascendant + benefic aspect: 100% chances.

— 4th Lord in 4th house: Sudden ownership.

— 4th Lord in 4th house + a benefic planet: Good house.

— 4th Lord in 5th house: Ownership after great efforts.

— 4th Lord in 7th house: House through marriage.

— 4th Lord in 9th/10th house: Gain of house easily.

— 4th Lord in 11th house: Income through house.

— 4th Lord strong, own sign or exalted in 1, 4, 7, 10, 5, 9 house: 100% chances.

— 4th Lord strong in Vargas: Palacial house.

— 4th Lord strong, Mercury in 3rd and 4th Navamsa Lord strong: Beautiful house.

— 4th Lord exalted, 9th lord in 1, 4, 7, 10 house & 4th house is occupied by an exalted planet: Beautiful house.

— 4th Lord strong & 11th Lord & 2nd lord in 4th house: Costly house.

— 4th Lord & Karaka planet in 1, 4, 7, 10 sign: Temporary house.

— 4th Lord & Karaka planet in 2, 5, 8, 11 sign: Permanent house.

— 4th Lord & 10th lord strong in 1, 4, 7, 10 house: Beautiful house.

— 4th Lord have an exchange with 10th lord: Beautiful house.

— 4th Lord+ Mars in 4th house: Property through brothers.

— 4th Lord in 6th house: Lives in a relative’s house.

— 4th Lord in 12th house: Lives in a stranger’s house abroad.

— 4th Lord aspects 4th house, occupied by Sun: Good/Big house.

— 4th Lord exalted in 11th house: 100% house.

— 4th Lord aspects 11th house: 100% house.

— 4th Lord associates with 11th lord: 100% house.

— 4th Lord + 11th lord in 11th house: 100% house.

— 4th house occupied by 9th lord in friendly or exalted sign: Palacial house.

— 4th Lord in 1, 4, 7, 10 sign: Many houses at many places.

— 4th house in 1, 4, 7, 10 sign: Many houses.

— 4th Lord weak & in bad house: Sickness.

— 4th Lord + Malefic in 12th: Destruction of a house.

— 4th Lord’s Navamsa lord in 12th: Destruction of a house.

— 4th house occupied by malefic & Rahu: Loss due to property deals.

— Mars ฎ, Combust, debilitated, malefic aspect, in malefic house: Destroy property. (Pitradosha)

— 4th Lord’s and ASC Lord’s are enemies and occupy 4th house and ASC: Loss of house.

— 4th Lord in 6, 8, 12 house & evil planets in 4th house: House unlucky & Malefic & no house owned.

— 4th Lord in 3, 6, 8, 12 house + Malefic relation: Loss due to that house & destruction.

— Mars, significators of house in 4th house: Ordinary house.

— 4th house occupied by Gulika: No house.

— 4th house occupied by a plant in krittika, Uttara & U. Shadha: No house.

— Sat + Mars in 4th house: Serious malefic impact.

— Sat + Rahu in 4th house: Suffering due to evil spirits.

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