Planetary Combination for More Than One Marriages in horoscope as per Indian Astrology
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More Than One Marriages in horoscope

1. If 7th lord and Venus are in common sign in birth chart (lagan Kundli) or in navamsa chart indicate more than one marriages. Position from Moon sign should als0 be studied.

2. As per "Phaladeepika/ malefics in Ascendant create conditions for more than one mrriages. But having examined numerous cases, I feel, the factor alone should not be considered potent enough to give more than one marriage Many chartshave been found having Rahu/ Ketu in Ascendant; but the same marrjage survived; may be because of other strong factors favouring one marriage or survival of marriage. But presence of Rahu or Ketu in Asc. do introduce some element of unconventionality in the marriage orsome deviation from the accepted norms of that society.

3. An exalted planet in 7th house, according to some books is said to give more than one marriage.Some other have advocated that even a planet in its own sign in 7th can do this mischief, but generally other factors also creating conditions for 2nd marriage will be found in the chart.

4. More than one planet in 7th house or with 7th lord, indicate possibillity of more than one marriages. In modern free society it may mean more than one contact but not necessarily a solemnized marital relationship.

5. Saturn (in retrogression) if is lord of 11th house and occupying 7th house, may give more than one marriages.

6. Saturn in 2nd house and Rahu in 7th, according to "Phaladeepika", give more than one marriages.

7. Lord of Ascendant placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house and afflicted by a malefic planet or placed in inimical sign may create situation for more than one marriages.

8. 12th lord occupying 3rd house and joined by 2nd lord and aspected by either Jupiter or by 9th lord, may give second marriage.

9. Venus afflicted in male chart may induce to more than one marriage or such relationship.

10. 7th lord placed in 6th or 12th house may give 2nd marriage though both partner surviving.

11. Moon joins Saturn in 7th in lady's chart, show more than one marriage. However the same combination in male's chart may make one to marry a girl who is already married, i.e. a widowed or divorced.

12. Mercury in 7th joined by Saturn and two planets positioned in 11th can give two marriages. According to "Jyotish Ratnakar", even one of these i.e. either Satrn or Mercury here can do it.

13. 7th house falls in evil sign and 7th lord is debilited.

14. Venus as lord of 7th and 12th (i.e. when Scorpio rises in Ascendant), if occupies 9th house, gives 2nd marriage also.

15. 7th lord in 6th house aspected by Rahu, and no benefic aspect to counter the malignance, more than one marriages are indicated.

This gentle man has been divorced by his wife last year and they are planning to marry him again.

16. Mars in 7th house and Venus or Saturn or Rahu in 12th can give. This condition is met in case given as Example 12-2. In this chart Mars is in 7th house (Bhava) and Venus is in 12th house.

17. 12th lord in 7th house is also conducive to more than one marriages.

18. Jupiter occupying its own sign Pisces and malifflics afflicting Venus as well as 7th house, point to scandalous marriage.

19. Rahu occupying Ascendant in male sign except Leo. Odd signs are male signs i.e. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Saggitarius and Aquarius.

20. Saturn as lord of 7thconjoins malefics, indicates many spouses.

21. Three or more malefics in 7th is too heavy an affliction for the married life and may result in breaking of marriage and going for next relation.

22. Venus in sign of debilition (i.e. Virgo) in birth chart or navamsa chart or Venus eclipsed or combust or in enemy sign and influenced by malefics can cause more than one marriages.

23. Lord of 8th house positioned in Ascendant or in the 7th house is a factor favouring more than one marriages.

24. Lord of Lagan positioned in 6th house is dangerous for marital peace and may incite for 2nd marriage if there are other factors supporting to it.

25. Malefic planets in 7th while 7th lord with a benefic may give more than one marriage.

26. Saturn in 2nd house unless it is lord of Ascendant shows two marriages or alliance.

Again mere presence here, should not be taken for granted for causing 2nd marriage. As in all such cases, astrological principles do not permits of deciding anything merely because there is some factor indicating it. It is required that whole chart must be examined/studied thoroughly and influence of malefics and benefics as also strength of the chart as a whole and that of planets involved in some combination must be examined.

27. Strong 7th lord occupying quadrangles i.e. Kendra, i.e. Ist, 4th 7th or 10th house and aspected by 10th lord, may give more than one.

28. 7th lord occupying 11th house indicates two marriages, of which one is not legal one. Please see the chart at S.No. 47 below, where 7th lord Venus is placed in 11th. This gentle man married twice, Ist one was widow of elder brother, attached to him.

29. Lords of 7th and 11th exchange signs or aspect each other or occupy trines or quadrants may create situations for more than one marriage as per "Parsana Marga".

30. Mars placed in sign of exaltion i.e. Capricorn or in own sign can give more than one marriage, according to some. This is certainly not a reliable indication. Continue Reading...

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