Cancer disease: Role of Planets, Signs and houses for Cancer disease
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Cancer disease: Role of Planets, Signs and houses for Cancer disease

i. Cancer is an abnormal type of growth in a tissue of a susceptible organ, or it may be a destructive type like ulceration, which does not heal. Cancer can manifest in various organs. Cancer can be anticipated in a birth horoscope if the Sun or the Moon, the 6th, 8th house or 12th and their lords, zodiacal signs Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Libra are afflicted. The 6th house primarily indicates disease and the 8th, chronic disease. Since cancer has a tendency to run a chronic course, there usually exists a relationship between the 6th and 8th houses or their lords. Saturn and Rahu are indicators of chronic diseases. So they have a major role in these diseases. Mars is associated with ulcerative type of growths or those that require resection. The Rahu-Kethu axis may influence the afflicting planets, the 6th, 8th lords or the houses. The afflicting planets can be Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, Mars and the 6th, 8th or 12th lords. Deep seated, undiagnosable tumors will have the sign Scorpio afflicted. Restricted localised and well-defined growths may have the influence of good Jupiter, Venus or strong beneflc Saturn on the afflicting planets.

ii. This disease is directly connected with Rahu, afflicted Moon, afflicted Jupiter or Saturn, and the signs Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Sign Cancer stands for malignant tumour. When Moon happens to be the lord of 6th and 8th and is afflicted, one is likely to suffer from cancer disease.

When a house is afflicted by most of malefics and evil lords, esp. Saturn, Rahu and Mars, Cancer disease may appear in that part of the body ruled by house afflicted.

Neptune Uranus opposition is very bad and gives explosive and unexpected results.

Different planets under affliction of cancer giving factors cause cancer in different parts of the body as follows: -

Sun refers to the stomach, bowels and head; Moon to blood and breast;

Mars to blood, marrow, neck, genitals and uterus

Mercury to nose, navel, and mouth; Jupiter to liver, ear, tongue and thighs, Venus to throat and genitals; and Saturn to legs, hands and teeth.

Rahu is a planet of malignant growth.

Rahu and Kethu represent their dispositor plus the planets with which they are in conjunction or are aspected.

The onset of the disease will be likely during the period of the afflicted planets, weak affl icted 6th or 8th lords or the period of a badhaka lord placed in a malefic house. If the sub periods following the one that caused the disease are of benefics, favourable lords or of yogakarakas the disease is diagnosed early and cured. The transit of Saturn or Rahu over the malefic dasa lords, the 6th or 8th lords or natal Saturn or Rahu may initiate the disease. If there is influence of benefics over the above said initiators, from a strong position the disease may get completely cured.

Along with these afflictions look at the navamsa, shashtiamsha (1 /6th division) and Ashtamsha charts, to find the progress or regression of the diseases.

To find out which organ is likely to be affected, we rely on the assignment of various organs to different zodiacal signs, planets and houses as give below:

i. Brain, structures of the central nervous system, pituitary etc.-lst house, Aries the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter.

ii. Facial organs, mouth, jaw - 2nd house, Taurus, Venus.

iii. Throat, thyroid, epiglottis - 2nd, 3rd, 11th houses, Taurus, Venus, Sun.

iv. Blood and related structures - the Moon, Mars, Sun.

v. Lymphatic - the Moon.

vi. Skin - Capricorn, Sun, Saturn, and Mercury.

vii. Eye - 2nd, 12th houses, Sun, Moon, Venus.

viii. Ear, nasal structures - 3rd, 11th house, Gemini, Aquarius, Mercury.

ix. Lungs and bronchial structures - 3rd house, Gemini, Mercury, Moon.

x. Abdomen - 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th houses, Virgo, Moon, Mercury, Sun, Saturn.

xi. Male sexual organs - 7th, 8th houses, Scorpio, Venus, Mars.

xii. Female sexual organs - 5th, 7th, 8th houses, Libra, Scorpio, Venus, Mars, Moon.

xiii. Urinary system - 7th house, Libra, Venus, Moon.

xiv. Breasts - 4th house, Cancer, Moon.

xv. Bones and ligaments - 3rd, 11th, 12th houses, Capricorn, Sun, Saturn.

xvi. The shashtiamsha chart helps us to know the general health, likely periods, of illness etc. Afflictions to kendras, konas and lord of shashtiamsha lagna indicate poor resistance to disease.

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