Some specific periods in Karna

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Some specific periods in Karna

Karna denotes half of lunar day. There are 11 karans as named below. The first four are permanent karnas and occur in order from the 2nd half of the 29th lunar day. The remaining seven karnas come by rotation eight times in a lunar month comnencing from the 2nd half of the first lunar day.

Following karans (Moon - Sun / 6 = half of tithi) are auspicious for following purposes:

1. Shakuni: (ruler is Kaal) - counseling a friend, making and taking of medicine, griha pooja, suitable for committing thefts or catching birds or administering medicines, poisons etc.

2. Chatushpada: (ruler is bull or Vrishabha) - any thing concerning government or pitris, brahmin, cow, swearing in ceremony, ruling the country, favourable for destroying enemies through tantric methods, all works related to four footed animals, for shradha karma.

3. Naag: (ruler is Serpent) - all evil acts or deeds,yudh karma, favourable for destructive works like cutting, killing, keeping others in bondage, imprisonment, abducting etc.

3. Kinstughana: (ruler is Vayit or Kubera) - very auspicious for commencing all acts of auspicious nature.

5. Bava: (ruler is lord Indra or Vishnu) - to fast, to celebrate, auspicious for travelling and entry in a new house or starting a new job, temples, victory, nutritive works.

6. Balva: (ruler is Brahma) - auspicious for chura karma, upanayana, marriage, performing yajnas and other auspicious works of Brahmins, reading, teaching.

7. Kaulava: (ruler is Pitri or Moon) - favourable for doing friendly acts and all works of permanent and durable nature, making friendship, to adopt an ishta, works concerning women.

8. Taitilaya: (ruler is Sun or lord Indra) - suitable for commencing works connected with the government, construction and execution of government schemes, taking charge of government offices, manufacture of ornaments etc., marriage, acts of benevolence.

9. Gara: (ruler is Vasudeva or Bhoomi) - suitable for keeping cattle, their sale and purchase, entry in a new house, starting construction of a house, artisan and engineering works, ploughing the fields, sowing of seeds, tree planting.

10. Vanija: (ruler is Lakshmi) - favourable karana for traders and trading, sellers will be profited but buyers will sustain losses, this will help in dehoarding of goods.

11. Vishti: (ruler is Yama or God of death) - for all evil deeds or acts, setting fire, poisoning, war etc. It is forbidden for all auspicious works. Works begun in this karana will give disappointing results like complete failure, or gains for a while but losses in the end. 1st part of vishti gives loss of wealth, 2nd part of visti gives death. So, no auspicious work should be commenced in first two parts of this karana. But works commenced in the last (third) part of vishti may give success and victory.

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