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House 1 in the Horoscope

The first house of birth charts is called Ascendant or lagna, its lord is called lagnesh represents the native, this signifies life, longevity, happiness, health, nature, appearance, complexion, status, vitality, courage, determination, sorrows or first housesufferings. Advantages, gains and profits to younger brothers and his friends. Name, fame, death of wife or husband, pleasures and amusements, accident, sickness, events of journeys, voyages, self, textiles, wool, barley, wheat, resin and Gold also.

It also denotes wealth or private enemies as it is 2nd from 12th , brothers of friends as being the 3rd from 11th , children or religious folks, as being 5th from 9th , wife of the native, open enemy or his fellows or partner as being 7th . Being 8th from 6th signifies death of servants.

Being 9th from the 5th deontes religion, and journeys, life in a hostel during study, connection with strangers and foreigners to the native. Children, status and dignity of father being 10th from 4th, friends to the brothers of native being 11th from 3rd and to the native himself. It denotes beginning and fate of every hazardous enterprise."

1st house governs the head and face. It is masculine, positive barren, Movable, Fiery, denotes East direction and a house of short ascension. It is called angular or Kendra sign. It is denoted by the sign ARIES, its lord is Mars. The durations of Ascendant Aries is one hour and 21 minutes.

Significance of Nine Planets in First House of Horoscope

1. Sun
2. Moon
3. Mars
4. Mercury
5. Jupiter
6. Venus
7. Saturn
8. Rahu
9. Ketu