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House 6 in the Horoscope

It is denoted by the sign VIRGO ruled by Mercury. This signifies, private enemies and opponents, servants, dependents, sixth house service, uncles, aunts, and all kindred by the father's side, tenants, sheep and goats etc. stewards, fear from thieves, diabolic deeds, short or long duration of illness and disease, nursing treatment of patient, food, employees, subordinates and servants to the employer and service are signified by it.

Also faithfulness and conditions of the subordinates, banker, bank drafts, debits, borrowing, pet animals, enmity, dress, sanitation, dietetics, food and clothing competition, results, magic, superstition, worry and annoyance, obstacles in undertakings, insanity, miserliness, wound, mental worry, theft, calamity and bad habits.

"The house of vassels, the substance of children as being 2nd to the 5th, journeys to the mother as being 3rd to 4th, also purchase and sales of conveyance, buildings by younger brother and sisters as being 4th to 3rd, bank position of first issue of family as being 2nd to 5th also, enemies of enemies as being 7th from 12th, death of friends as being 8th to 11th. Being 12th to 7th it denotes loss to partner, secret enemies, investment and purchase made by partners, change and life in foreign place, disharmony with or separation from the partner.

Long journeys and religion of kinds as being 9th to l()th . Also magistery and law dignities being 10th to 9th name fame, occupation of business of father as being 10th from 9th (If 9th is considered for father instead or 10th)."

It is considered as EVIL. The sign is feminine, barren, Dual or common, Earthy, Negative, Direction South, lagna duration 2 hours 21 minutes. Benefic and of long ascension. It as a candent and Trik house and semi fruitful house.

It denotes kidney, large intestines, mensentry and anus.

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