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House 8 in the Horoscope

8th house has a direction bearing on one's longevity, it signifies mental pain, insult or defeat, sorrows, scandal, ill eighth housereputation, death, obstacles, impediments, wills, legacies, dowry of wife being 2nd to 7th, insurance, gratuity, bonus, adversary's means, friends, success, property of partner, strength of public enemies, mode of death, labour, slaughter, inheritance of dead, money of public enemies and gain from wife.

"Being 3rd to the 6th, is denotes brethren of servants, mother of children being 4th to 5th; Sickness of brothers and sisters being 6th to 3rd, religion and journeys of the private enemies as being 9th to 5th , dignity and honour of friends being 11th to 10th; Private enemies of religious person being 12th to 9th; 8th also denotes persons wretched and miserable and liable to bodily deformities; and as delivering judgement upon whether the native shall die in indigence or abundance.

Worries and Privation; disappointments and defeat, imprisonments, robbery, it is also called Evil House. Also denotes surgeons, medical officers, crossing of rivers, difficulties of journey and corruption."

Uranus (Varun) connected with this house in any way indicates strange and sudden death. Death caused by explosion, death due to incurable disease and so on. Also the diseases may defy diagnosis and the native may die due to wrong treatment.

Electrocution and death by lightning and electric shock are also portended. NEPTUNE (Varuni) inclines to a mysterious death after being in a state of coma or unconsciousness, or due to an overdose of drugs or allergy etc. Death may also be caused by gas, drowning, poison etc. If 8th falls in a watery sign, death may happen by drowning.

It is denoted by sign SCORPIO and the lord of sign is Mars. It is Feminine. Fruitful, Fixed, Watery, Negative, Direction is North, lagna duration is 2 hours 34 minutes, benefic and of long ascension. It is a succeedent and Trik house.

Scortem, pelvic, bones, testicles, secondary sexual characteristic, external Genitalia, Seminal vesicles are the body parts denoted by it.

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