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Yogas formed by Jupiter

Jupiter is a planet of classical learning. It concerns itself with higher education, philosophical learning, judiciary, Sanskrit language, learning of the scriptures, astrology, astronomy, gram�mar, logic, religious studies, the Dharma or righteous conduct, elders, elder brother, teachers and Brahmins (the first in order in the four-castes system).

Jupiter also indicates wealth, treasure, intellect, wisdom, pilgrimage, authorship, arrogance, lecturing, penance, self-control, devotion, sacred deeds, charities and north�east direction. It rules over fat in the body, as also over liver and gall bladder. It has a phlegmatic disposition.

Jupiter has a large and fat body, big belly, pale eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, and a virtuous disposition. It is wise and possesses knowledge of the scriptures. Its dress is yellowish. It has a forgiving nature. Jupiter, besides the Sun and Mars, is a masculine planet.

Jupiter is the best natural benefic. It has the capacity to neutralise umpteen afflictions in a horoscopic chart. It bestows beneficence and dignity to the houses and planets that fall under its influence. The most malefic of the planets tend to produce benefic results under the influence of Jupiter. Jupiter is also a spiritualising planet, and can bestow virtue and spirituality if suitably disposed. At the material level, it is a planet that signifies wealth.