Katyayani Puja on Sixth day of Navratre
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Sixth day of Navratre - Katyayani

The origins of Katyayani the sixth manifestation of the goddess Durga are closely linked to the bloodline of the famous sage kat who begat the saint katya as his son. Eventually the famous saint Katyayan was born in this line. A devotee of the Devi it was his desire after year of intense devotion that the goddess be born in his house as a daughter. The goddess pleased by his devotion consented.

The world meanwhile was reeling under the tyrannies of the demon mahishasur. The great goddess was appealed to buy the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. Born on the forth navratra the goddess accepted the ritual worship of the sage Katyayan for three days on the tenth day Durga slew the demon Mahishasur. Whether the goddess was born as daughterin his house or was autogenous I origin Durga adopted the name Katyayani for her sixth manifestation as a mark of recognition conferred upon her great devotee.

She is the harbinger of blessings and fulfiller of desire. She is depicted as a four armed goddess astride a lion she hold a sword in one had a lotus in another and the remaining two hand are composed in mudras of blessing of the mudra of fearlessness the blessing extended to all of Katyayani´┐Żs devotees. She is the form that give shape to the wild and unruly energy that the goddess Durga will release in another guise to vanquish her foe.

Katyayani is the gathering and focusing of that Adi shakti in a form that is comprehensible to mortals. As a potent force and fact of the female energy. Katyayani claims as her own the Ajna or Agya chakra. Symbolized by a lotus with two petals, this chakra is also known as the third eye chakra. As is implicit from the name the third eye is focal point of a concentration of energy that is traditionally released with terrible impact. But in times of lesser peril, the third eye is connection point of tremendous power and energy.

Mantra To chant on 6th day of Navratre