Kemdrum Yoga in Horoscope, Effects of Kemdruma Yoga, Remedies in Astrology
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Kemdrum Yoga , Effects and Remedies

Kemdruma Yoga arises when there is no planet in the second or the twelfth from the Moon. The presence of the Sun in these houses is of no consequence. OR The absence of sunapha , the anapha and the Durudhara yoga in a birth chart signifies the existance of a kemdruma yoga.

Effects of Kemdruma Yoga in the Horoscope

One born in this yoga is bereft of health, wealth, learning, wisdom, wife, progeny and mental peace. This yoga is said to reduce to a pauper even one born in a princely ambience.

The person suffers misery, failures, physical illness and humiliation.

According to Jataka Parijata, several other planetary dispositions lead to the formation of a Kemdruma Yoga. These other variants of the kemdruma yoga are equally bad and potant :

1. The Moon in the lagna or the seventh house sans Jupiter's aspect.

2. Deficient number of benefic dots (less than four) in the Ashtakavarga in the places occupied by planets, when all the planets are otherwise also weak.

3. The Moon in conjunction with the Sun, aspecteed by a deblitated planet, and occupying a malefic navamsha.

4. A waning Moon, occupying the eighth house ffrom the lagna, aspected by or associated with a malefic, in a case where birth takes place during the night.

5. The Moon in the Rahu-ketu axis , aspected by a malefic planet.

6. The fourth house from the lagna or the Moon occupied by a malefic planet.

7. The Moon, aspected by a benefic which has lost in planetary warfare, closley associated with Rahu or Ketu.

8. The Moon in Tula, in the varga of an inimical planet, aspected by an inimical or a debilitated planet.

9. A waning Moon in deblitation, with the native born at night time,

10. Saturn and Venus occupying , in the rashi and vargas, the sign of deblitated, malefic and inmical planets, located together or in mutual aspect.

Sage Jaimini too mentions of Kemdruma Yoga according to the Jaimini system of Astrology, this yoga obtains when there are equal number of malefic planets occupying the second and the eighth house from janma lagna.

Cancellation of Kemdruma Yoga in a Horoscope

1. Presence of planets in kendras from the lagna. When this happens, the adverse kemdruma yield takes place to a highly benefic kemdruma yoga which bestows all comforts on the native.

2. Presence of planets in kendras from Moon.

3. All planets aspecting Moon.

4. The Moon or Venus occupying a Kendra and aspected by Jupiter.

5. A Strong Moon in a kendra associated with or aspected by Benefis like Mercury, Jupiter or Venus.

6. The Moon , occupying in the navmsha chart its exaltaion sign or the house of a very friendly planets, aspected by Jupiter.

7. The Moon Exalted in the tenth house and aspected by a benefic.

8. The Moon associated with a benefic planet or located between two benefics and aspected by Jupiter.

9. A Full moon occupying the lagna in conjunction with a benefic planet.

10. If at a birth , Mars, Jupiter be in Tula, theSun in Kanya and the Moon in Mesha, even if the other planets do not aspect the Moon, the Kemdruma Yoga gets cancelled.

Remedies for Kemdrum Yoga

1. Pray to Lord Shiva and chant Lord Shiva Panchakshri Mantra "Om Namah Shivaye" daily (as much as possible)

2. Purnima is day , when Moon is in full power, one shall keep fast on Purnima and offer Kheer to Moon.

3. Offer milk on Parad Shivling on Mondays.

4. Wear solid silver chain around your neck with half moon pearl Pendant.

5. Donate things related to moon. Like milk, curd, ice-cream, rice, water, etc. on Mondays

6. The native should keep a square piece of sliver with him.

7. Chant Sri Sukta on a regular basis.

8. Keep gangajal at worship place at home.

9. One can keep a Dakshinavarti shankh.

10. Wear One mukhi and Ten mukhi rudraksh beads.

11. Place Shivling Shaligram in your puja ghar and offer prayers daily.

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