Remedies for planet Jupiter according to Lal Kitab
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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Jupiter

Remedies for planet Jupiter as per Lal Kitab

- When Jupiter is grievously inauspicious, collect one paisa from each member of family, as far as blood relation is concerned, and donate the sum at a temple; this removes the ill effect of Jupiter.

- Donate at the temple to please dev-guru (guru of god)

- Plantation of peepal tree is beneficial too.

- Saffron, turmeric, gold, gram pulse, yellow flower, yellow cloth, book etc. are good for donation.

- Brahma is the lord of Jupiter; however, if one is not having progeny as a result of Jupiter's ill effect, he should worship 'Shri Hari'.

Indications of Malefic Jupiter in Horoscope

1. Gold is lost, stolen or ornaments are sold.

2. Suddenly there is break in education or loss in business.

3. There is loss of good name of the native or his family or there are degrading rumours against him.

4. One becomes cruel, inconsiderate, tyrant or dictator to his followers/ subordinates suddenly.

5. One loses faith in religion/ Guru and becomes suspicious by nature.

6. Loss of hair around middle head (place of Choti).

7. Wife or children gets ill.

8. There are problems in getting wealth/ paternal property or one is unhappy even after getting it.

9. There is no child or no happiness from children.

10. There is delay in marriage or unhappiness in marital relations.

11. There is early ejaculation of semen or other conjugal problem.

12. One has relations with low caste / widow ladies.

13. Native's father develops respiratory or mental problems.

14. Native has disease of ear, diabetes, cancer, liver (jaundice), or kidney.

15. There are problems in marriage of daughter.

16. Either there is lack if maternal relations or they are unhappy.

17. Native become poor, is insulted or picks up quarrels.

18. There is loss in business.

Remedies for malefic Jupiter

1. Respect elders, saints, ladies and worship young girls/ Durga.

2. Take bath in sulphur spring.

3. Wear gold around neck (but never wear garland) or on index finger.

4. Put Tilak of turmeric/ saffron on forehead.

5. Clear your nose before starting any work.

6. Always keep your words and never do flattery.

7. Avoid meat or liquor and never wear garland around neck.

8. Visit temple regularly, but do not make one at home.

9. Wife should observe fast on Thursdays.

10. If there is problem of children, worship Vishnu.

11. Keep dog as a pet, if son is in trouble.

12. If father is ill, put copper coin in running water for 45 days.

13. Do not have extra-marital relations.

14. Starting from a Thursday, donate for 8 days, 8 Besan Laddus, 800gms of Chana Daat, or 8 pieces of turmeric along with little saffron wrapped in a yellow cloth in a temple.

15. On 8 Thursdays, cotton thread dipped in turmeric paste be tied around a Peepaltree in 8 rounds.

16. Donate yellow clothes to a priest, but not if Jupiter is malefic in 7th house.

17. During solar eclipse, donate almonds, coconut, black Urd/til.

18. At the time of daughter's marriage, make two identical gold pieces; one should be put in running water and give the other to the daughter, which she should always keep with her.

19. To alleviate Pitr-Rin, collect equal amount from all blood relations and donate for a good cause; also water Peepal tree and never cut it.

20. If combust, put 400 gms of Jaggery/ wheat in running water on a Sunday.

21. If associated with Mercury, donate articles related to Mercury.

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