Remedies for planet Mercury according to Lal Kitab
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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Mercury

Remedies for Planet Mercury as per Lal Kitab

- Burn shells and immerse its ash in the river the same day.

- If Mercury is afflicting in its position. Immersing a pierced coin of copper or a holed coin in the river brings auspicious effect.

- Donation of whole moong is excellent.

- Emerald should be adorned. Mother Durgaji is the lord of Mercury. Whenever Mercury confers ill effect, Durga Saptshati should be chanted or should be arranged to be chanted.

- Worship goddess Durga. Observe fast during Navratri. The piercing of nose in particular is beneficial for those whose Mercury is conferring ill effect.

- Teeth should be cleaned with alum.

- Worship and service of maidens is also beneficial.

- If disease is bothering due to Mercury's ill effect, bland pumpkin, which is used to make sweets by chef, should be donated at a religious place.

- If Mercury is conferring ill effect, sitting in ascendant, its ill effect will fall on Mars, which is lord of Aries, the natural sign of "ascendant, and not on the Sun, which is significator planet of first house. Hence donation of the objects of Mars will be beneficial. Goat is also donated to put away the anger of Mercury.

- The symptom of the ill effect of Mercury, when it is in the seventh house, is that sister and aunt (bua) will suffer massively.

Indications of Malefic Mercury in the Horoscope

1. Loss in business, gambling or shares.

2. There is skin disease or leprosy or stammering in speech.

3. There is some dental problem.

4. There may be break in education, service or business.

5. One feels isolated /lonely as if in jail or hospital.

6. Others easily sway one either way.

7. One may suffer from depression, mental retardation or some other nervous disease.

8. Girls of family—daughter, sister of self, of father or of wife are unhappy even after marriage.

9. Relations with Bua, sister or daughter are bad and wife's sister is causing bad name.

10. Native will be a selfish official or businessman.

11. Native may be liar, cheat, drug-addict/ trafficker.

12. There could be imprisonment or bad name for extramarital relations.

13. One may earn livelihood by astrology, Mantra-tantra or remedial measures.

Remedies for Malefic Mercury

1. Keep teeth clean using Alum.

2. Get nostril holed wear silver ring or Kada in left hand.

3. Worship Saraswati/ Gayatri, and Jap Gayatri-Mantra for 45 days.

4. Look-after /help young poor students and minor girls.

5. Feed green Chari/grass to cows.

6. Do not take liquor, meat or egg.

7. Out of your meal, give one piece each to cow, dog and crow.

8. Donate goat, sheep or parrot but keep Maina in the house.

9. Put green Moong whole in salty water with little alum during night and offer the same in the morning to birds.

10. Put green Moong whole in a tight fit copper vessel in running water.

11. Put unbaked earthen Kalash in running water.

12. Do not take any Talishman from any person.

13. Put pure ghee, camphor, raw sugar in a brass bucket full of water and bathe.

14. From a Wednesday, for 8 days, put a copper plate with a hole in running water.

15. Bury an earthen pot filled with honey or Desi Khand in an isolated place.

16. Burn yellow Kauri and put its ashes in running water.

17. Starting from a Wednesday, keep two oysters with you and put another two oysters in running water for 8 days.

18. Donate Khoya in temple on Wednesdays, if 2nd house does not have any inimical planet, or alternately put it in running water.

19. Put Tilak of turmeric or saffron for 45 days, if Mercury is malefic in 12th house.

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