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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Rahu

Remedies for planet Rahu as per Lal Kitab

- Immersing coconut in water is good if Rahu is present in inauspicious position in the horoscope.

- The ill effect of Rahu is removed by floating barley washed with milk in the river.

- If suffering from leprosy, wash barley with cow's urine and keep it after tying it in a red cloth and clean teeth with cow's urine.

- Donation of radish is considered good. Immersing coal in the river also proves to be good and useful.

- Mustard and sapphire also count in the items of Rahu's donation.

- Coal, childless person, blind by one eye, vishtha, and roof of house have relation with Rahu.

- If Rahu is inauspicious in the eighth house, throwing gilded coin in the river provides calm.

Indications of Malefic Rahu in the Horoscope

1. Native has association with Malecha, foreigners or out-caste.

2. One is confused in thought/ action or gets suddenly adverse results in life.

3. One is troubled with quarrels, accidents, litigations etc.

4. One is troubled by evil spirits/ witchcraft, widowhood, epilepsy, leprosy, jaundice, cholera, plague, epidemics, diseases of intestine, spleen, ulcers and snake-bites etc.

5. One has problems in foreign land/ with foreigners.

6. One has relations with immoral/ low caste women.

7. One is argumentative, hypocrite, cunning or mean.

8. There is disruption in education/ service.

9. Native has different phobias/ depressions or danger of drowning/ fall.

10. Native is addicted to drinks/ drugs.

11. Loss of wealth through theft, robbery or govt.'s punishments.

12. Native's nails may fall off.

13. It becomes difficult to diagnose the native's ailments.

14. Malefic Rahu in 8th cause major ups / downs in finances.

Remedies for Malefic Rahu

1. Live in joint family and keep relations with in-laws good.

2. Never commit any sin in a temple/ religious place.

3. During night, while sleeping, keep some sugar & Saunf under pillow.

4. Put earth of elephant's foot in a well.

5. Keep elephant made of solid silver (Lucky Gajraj )or a small red coloured lead ball in the house. Lucky gajraj

6. Have meals while sitting in the kitchen.

7. Spend part of your income on sister, daughter or on wife's sister.

8. Put in running water, coconut or barley washed in milk or coal equivalent to own weight or 8 blue flowers, or 8 Khote coins.

9. Donate mustard, reddish, tobacco, black blanket, lead or saffron to sweeper or an out-caste or to a Muslim.

10. Worship Goddess Durga with blue flowers.

11. Keep 800 gms of red Masoor by bed-side in the night and donate the same to a sweeper in the


12. For mental peace, wear silver or keep Ganga-Jal in a silver bowl with a rectangular silver piece dipped therein.

13. During transit of Rahu in 12th house, do not start any new work.

14. If native is having constant fever or T.B., put 800 gms. barley washed in cow's urine & wrapped in a red cloth in running water; and if Sun is in 4th house, then in a well.

15. Do not take important decisions during sunrise or sunset.

16. Bury a pair of snakes made out of copper in an isolated place in SW direction.

17. Wear black goggles.

18. On a Sunday evening, put in a river a coconut and a pair of snakes (of copper) tied in a blue cloth.

19. To ward off evil effect of Rahu, at the time of daughter's marriage, give her two identical pieces of iron/ steel; one should be thrown in running water and the other, she should always keep with her.

20. To ward off diseases, keep barley equivalent to the weight of the patient by his bedside in the night and in the morning give it to some poor out-caste.

21. To ward off evil effects on wife/ children, bury silver sheet under door- frame (Choukhat) of the house keep white cow (Venus) in the house.

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