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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Sun

Remedies for planet Sun as per Lal Kitab

- If Sun is sitting in the tenth house (naturally in the sign Capricorn that is in the sign of Saturn) and is afflicting through its objects, the trial (totaka) is that, dropping copper coin in flowing water is beneficial.

- Copper is the metal of Sun and Capricorn is moveable sign. There is an adage - 'Khuye muh laajeyJaankh' which means that modesty will take over eyes while making donation of a few grains and when modesty will come it will subdue anger.

- Another point of view is that on donating in the name of Sun the trouble of the person will flow off as running water.

Indications of Malefic Sun in Horoscope

Sun is the biggest Karka of our brilliance, power, position and impression over others. Some of the indications for malefic Sun are:-

1. Heart attack / Disease or disease of stomach.

2. Bone Disease or Paralysis.

3. Loss of father in childhood.

4. Obstacles in Govt, related works.

5. Problem in right eye or loss of sleep.

6. Mental tension due to first son.

7. Unhappy and diseased childhood.

8. Some one in family became sadhu due to life's problems.

9. There has been theft or Govt. punishment.

10. There are problems in life of father's brother.

11. Relations with father are not good.

12. Wife is sickly or barren.

13. One is mentally upset due to separation with wife.


1. If Sun is in Lagna and 7th house is vacant, have early marriage (before 24 yrs), but not in 22nd year.

2. Keep a part of articles related to Sun, given by others in charity in a temple.

3. Serve and take blessings of parents and paternal relations.

4. Wear a white or pink cap or sari.

5. Offer water mixed with sugar and pink flower to rising Sun.

6. Serve or look after well boss, Govt. official, and physician.

7. Feed blind person, monkey or cock.

8. Serve rice/ sugar/ sesame to ants at sun- set.

9. Offer food to fire before meals.

10. If Sun is malefic in 5th house (physical discomfort, loss in court, punishment by Govt, etc), collect equal amount from near relations and perform Yajna on a Sunday.

11. If Sun in 6th is causing problem, in heart, eye, stomach or business, donate Jaggery, copper or gold to a Kshatriya .

12. If Sun in 7th is malefic, extinguish fire of stove in kitchen by milk.

13. If Sun in 10th is malefic, put copper coin / metal in running water.

14. If Sun is afflicted by Rahu, put coal, mustard beans or barley in running water on an eclipse day

15. Before beginning any work, eat sweet and then drink water.

16. Have kitchen along eastern wall of your house.

17. Never give false evidence and avoid meat or liquor.

18. Eat less salt, and keep fast on Sundays.

19. Worship Vishnu and listen or read Harivansh Purana.

20. Donate in a temple.

21. Keep reddish, almond or water in a copper vessel, near your head in night and donate it in a temple in the morning.

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