Remedies for planet Venus according to Lal Kitab
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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Venus

Remedies for planet Venus as per Lal Kitab

- If Venus is posited in the horoscope to harm, it is favourable for the native to spare some food from his meals to feed cows. Such donations as donation of cows and feeding of cows are useful.

- Ghee, curd, camphor, clothes, items of makeup, and pearl etc. are worthy objects of Venus's donation.

- It is excellent to offer support to a female native. 'Shri Lakshmiji' is the lord of Venus, hence worship of Lakshmi and chanting of ShriSookt is excellent to ward off the ill effect of Venus.

Indications of Malefic Venus in the Horoscope

1. There is separation from wife, which may lead up to divorce.

2. One is happy when away from wife and troubled when together.

3. Native's wife remains sick and is cruel by nature.

4. One indulges in romance in advance age.

5. Native has extra-marital relations and gets a bad name for it.

6. There is constant nagging trouble between mother and wife.

7. Wife has gynaecological problems/ barren or native is impotent.

8. There is loss of wealth through wife/ daughter or on other women/ wine.

9. Native may have more daughters.

10. One is addicted to drugs / liquor or is lascivious, if afflicted by Mars/Rahu.

11. One is always in debt, despite adequate income.

12. One suffers from venereal disease or disease of glands like thyroid, pancreas or kidney or has problem of thumb, skin or eyesight.

13. Business partnership with in-laws is causing harm.

14. Native is never satisfied / happy with his position.

15. There could be unfortunate accidents during auspicious occasions.

16. There could be unforeseen obstacles in pursuit of fine arts.

Remedies of Malefic Venus

1. One should keep oneself clean and wear clean good clothes.

2. Keep wife happy with new clothes/ ornaments.

3. To reduce lasciviousness, clean private parts by curd/ Potassium per magnate for 41 days.

4. Respect ladies; avoid sex in day, extra-marital relations and lascivious nature.

5. Native's wife should not move barefoot.

6. Donate 8 k.g. of carrot in temple and feed birds with rice & Til.

7. Marry after 25 yrs.

8. Donate cow, ghee, curd, camphor, pearl, white clothes or cosmetics.

9. Feed black cow with Jwar or green Chari or 2kg potato or flour mixed with turmeric.

10. Bury seed of apricot filled with black collyrium (Surma) in earth.

11. Ask wife to wear golden clip, taken from her father's place, in her hair.

12. Keep a small solid silver ball in the house.

13. Keep some area in western part of the house Kachha.

14. Worship Laxmi and donate cotton flower (Kapash) in a temple. .

15. Do not adopt any child.

16. If wife is ill, donate in temple or put in running water Jwar equal to the weight of the wife.

17. For 6 days offer milk (Moon) and honey/misri (Mars) to 6 virgins (Mercury).

18. Before starting for work, have sweets (Mars) followed by water (Moon) to keep Sun happy.

19. Bury silver rectangular piece (Moon) under Neem tree (Mars) or bury silver/ honey in earth (Venus).

20. To get over Patni-Rin, collect money from each member of family and feed 100 cows.

21. If Venus is afflicted in 6th house, one should marry lone child of a couple.

22. At the time of marriage of daughter, native & his wife should give two gold pieces to son-in-law with Sankalp.

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