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Planet Rahu in Astrology

Rahu and Ketu in Hindu Astrology have a great signification. These are shadow planets because they have no physical bodies. These are called NODES in Western Astrology, Rahu is known as Dragon's head and Ketu as Dragon's tail. These always move in Retrograde motion and are known for giving sudden and unexpected results. They cast their aspects on 5th, 7th and 9th houses from their positions. But they carry the effects of the planet with which these are conjoined. Rahu is exalted in TAURUS. According to Hindu Astrology, "RAHU VAT SANI, KUJ VAT KETU" means Rahu acts as Saturn and Ketu as Mars these have SEPARATIVE EFFECT.
lord rahu
According to Kalidasa, Rahu owns Aquarius and rules Scorpio, is exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio, Rahu's friendly signs are Libra and Capricorn. Inimical signs are Leo and Cancer. Its neutral signs are Aries, Sagittarius and Pisces. Rahu and Ketu act according to planet to which they are conjoined or planets aspect thereto or the lord of the house where the Nodes are posited. They are strong when exalted. Rahu is considered to be a 'Chayagrah or Shadowy planet which has a distinct, profound and predictable impact on human lives. It is not an observable heavenly body with shape and size like other planets but has a strong influencing power.

It does not own any zodiac sign. In Hindu Mythology, Dragon’s head represents Rahu. It governs one’s ego, anger, mentality, lust, and liquor-habit. Rahu also governs robbery, black magic, and awry activities of life. Adverse influence of Rahu can make one a completely brutal, and violent.

It is also significator for hidden money, gambling, fatality, and darkness. In one’s natal chart with good position indicates a long journey. RahuKal or the time period under the influence of Rahu is very inauspicious period and results acute negative events in life. Other evil act of Rahu that is often mentioned is that he swallows Sun and Moon and thus causes solar eclipses to spread darkness.

Beej Mantra :

"Om bhraam bhreem bhroom sah rahave namaha "

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