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Yogas formed by Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu Rahu indicates irreligious pursuits, adultery, faulty logic, sinful deeds, wickedness, royal status, pilgrimage, foreign residence, old age, poison, snakes, reptiles, air, space, sudden disaster, difficult terrain and south-west direction. It also concerns itself with chronic and incurable diseases, insanity, phobias, snake bites, nonĀ¬healing wounds, etc.

Ketu is another spiritual planet which concerns itself with secret learning, renunciation, knowledge of the self, detachment, pilgrimages, penance, vedantic philosophical knowledge and a knowledge of the mantras and the tantras. It also indicates injury, surgical operations, chronic disease, tuberculosis, viral disease, eruptive fevers, epidemics, non-healing wounds and worm infestations.

Rahu represents the head and Ketu the body of the demon who was beheaded by lord Vishnu after the churning of the ocean for procuring the Amrita. They, have a bluish complexion resembling smoke. They are wild in looks, intelligent, and of a windy disposition. Rahu is generally considered to be behaving like Saturn, and Ketu like Mars.

Rahu and Ketu are highly malefic planets. They are the cause of solar and lunar eclipses. The two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, suffer intensely by association, particularly a close association, with either of these two malefics which constitute the Rahu-Ketu axis (RKA) in a horoscope. Other planets also get afflicted by too close an association with them. Being malefics, like Saturn and Mars, Rahu and Ketu also indicate the modern technical education. They are capable of forming some very benefic yogas when appropriately disposed in a horoscopic chart. Ketu, in addition, is a planet of detachment, and promotes spiritual progress particularly when under the influence of Jupiter.