Remedies for Planet Ketu, Malefic or Benefic Planet Ketu Remedies based on Astrology Online
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Planet Ketu in the Horoscope

Ketu is said to be malefic if it is aspected or is associated with malefic planets or is situated in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 12th house.

1. Wear lahsunia, cat's eye on Thursday or Saturday in middle finger after purifying it with gangajal and milk. Mantra for it is "Om ke ketave namhe".

2. Wear multi colored clothes and keep a multi-colored dog/ cow or rabbit at home.

3. Give food to a handicapped person.

4. Do business of articles related to Ketu. They are : til, oil, blanket, black cloth, kasturi etc.

Propitiations for malefic Ketu:

1. Do japa of Ketu mantra 108 times daily.

2. Wear or keep at home Ketu talisman.

3. Do puja of Shwetark Ganeshji.

4. Give donations of articles related to Ketu.

5. Do not wear multicolored clothes.

6. Give donations to Brahmins on Thursday.

7. Give milk and chapatti to a multicolored dog.

8. Give green food to multicolored cow.

9. Give black and white til to ants.

10. Do not allow lizards at home.

11. Give donations of black and white cloth.

12. Give wooden bed in donations.

13. Take medicine bath with medicines related to Ketu.