Remedies for Planet Mars, Malefic or Benefic Planet Mars Remedies based on Astrology Online
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Remedies for Planet Mars

Planet Mars denotes courage, valour, anger, aggressiveness, arrogance, physical strength, risky pursuits, adultery, administrative capabil┬Čity, leadership, command of an army, dominance, royal pursuits, injury, surgical operations and warfare. It has a bilious constitution. It rules over the musculature and bone marrow in the body. Mars also represents the brothers or siblings of a native, as also the southern direction. Heat, summer, burns and fire are also under the control of Mars.

Astrologically, Mars has a medium stature, fair complexion, a youthful appearance, fierce red eyes and a slender waist. It is fickle but generous, with short and curly hair. Mars is easily excitable, ever eager to hurt, has a valorous but cruel nature, and is inclined to undertake risky ventures.

Planet Mars instils an element of dominance and aggressiveness into any planetary combination. It also denotes physical injury and surgical operations. It is considered a potent malefic according to classical astrological descriptions. In the modem context, how┬Čever, it is a planet that, along with other malefics, bestows technical education. The role of Mars in causing marital disharmony is well recognised though often overstated.

Mars is said to be malefic if it is aspected or is associated with malefic planets or is in Cancer or is situated in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 12th house.

Propitiations to be performed for benefic Mars in the horoscope are as follows :

1. Wear red coral in index finger on Tuesday after purifying it. Ring can be either of gold, silver or copper,

Mantra of Mars is : 'Om kraam kreem kroom sah bhomaya namah'.

2. Wear red clothes on Tuesday.

3. Make more use of copper vessels at home and work.

4. Grow red flowers.

5. Before leaving for an important job, eat gur or honey.

6. Keep copper piece of pocket.

7. Apply Kesar tiiak on the forehead of your God idol.

8. Do business of Mars related articles i.e. : Wheat, copper vessels, brick, red cloth etc.

9. Nail four copper nails on the four corners of bed or house.

10. Wear one, eight or twelve faced Rudraksh.

Remedies for malefic or weak Mars:

1. Give articles related to Mars on Tuesday.

2. Perform japa of Mars mantra 108 times.

3. Wear Mars talisman in the neck.

4. Keep Tuesday fast.

5. If Mars is in Leo or Sagittarius Rasi (mainly in its Dasa) then perform puja of Lord Kartikaye, if it is in 3rd, 6th or 12th house then do puja of Goddess Chamunda. To get rid of loans do path of Sunder Kaand.

6. Read Sunder Kaand, Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Vaan, do path of Laxmi stotra, Devi kavach and Ganpati Stotra.

7. Keep 21 Sankpati fasts and 21 Vinayake fasts.

8. Drink water in copper or bronze vessel.

9. East red masoor dal, Tulsi Leaf, black pepper and gur on Tuesday.

10. Do not give food to a crippled (handicapped) person.

11. Do not wear red colour shoes or clothes.

12. Float red flowers in river.

13. Do not apply kesar tilak or sindoor on Tuesday.

14. Give sindoor for 27 Tuesdays in a holy place.

15. Do not walk bare foot on red floor.

16. Put 7 grains of wheat, 7 grains of massoor dal, and red stone with sindoor on it in a red cloth and throw it on Tuesday in the running water.

17. Do not give red coloured articles on Tuesday to your near and dear ones.

18. Take medicine bath with Mars related medicines on Tuesday.

19. Use deer skin.

20. Distribute sweet tandoor chapattis.

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