Retrograde Planets - Effects of retrograde planets in horoscope
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Retrograde Planets

RETROGRADE PLANETS and their effects on horoscope and aspects of life ; final image

The planet Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Saturn with Rahu and Ketu have striking hearings, and affect the life of man and woman in sex, marriage, incompatibility, other social and domestic deeds. Sun and Moon are never retrograde whereas Rahu and Ketu are naturally always retrograde.

Mars Retrograde

Retrograde Mars causes woman to become frigid or go to extremes. There seems to be no middle course. Such a woman has sex-aversion even with her husband.

The women having retrograde Mars in their chart, bitterly complain that their husbands are after other women. They are not satisfied with their husbands in marital affairs, not because they are too sexy but because they themselves are averse to sexual relations as per their physical energy and vitality never rises to meet the challenge. They are against sex and turn the native to a homosexual.

Some woman frequently rebel against their own desires, try to stifle them, preferring to act, when they have to face tremendous odds, sub consciously seeking an excuse for the failure they anticipate.

Mars retrograde six to eight days, of course, that is sixty to eighty years in a horoscope progression. During its slow moving period, two weeks before and after retrogression, it indicates the effects for ladies.

Venus Retrograde

The effect of retrograde Venus is disastrous to the happy married life. If after a few years of marriage Venus turns slow and retrograde, the woman lacks in sex resulting in her husband turning to other women and married life becomes hell. As Venus grows slowly and retrograde, the man or woman feels impotent and becomes disinterested in sexual relations.

Ladies having Venus retrograde in their birth charts tend to become fastidious, of reserved habits. They are also inclined to unconventional love expressions, may renounce love for religion and become quite ceremonious.

But when Venus turns direct, the native assumes a personality, physical appearance, vigor attractive to the opposite sex etc. Venus seems to work alike in all signs when retrograde. It affects men particularly.

Mercury Retrograde

Persons with retrograde Mercury in their birth chart tend to think in terms of symbols and insights rather than facts and figures. The mind works more easily on the sub-conscious level, hence their insights into motivations are often uncanny and revealing. Such people are amazingly profound, creative, discovering possibilities which are more direct, obvious, practical. Such people talk to themselves and hum little tunes. They do not seem to hear other persons. They justify their actions with reasons they grasp after the matter is concluded.

It is always worthwhile listening to persons with Mercury retrograde. What they say may not apply to the matter in hand but is ultimately correct

Jupiter Retrograde

Such persons often get success in other people's failures. They start at the point, where others become discouraged, and have unique ability to succeed in projects which have been abandoned. They are people who become surprised when they find opportunities are worked out with r.ise. Such people revive sick companies and uncover hidden assets etc. or in other words they do some remarkable jobs which cannot be done by others. In order to achieve their mental goal they prefer to bargain.

Saturn Retrograde

Persons with Saturn Retrograde in their birth charts do not like to be known in public, they find security in intellectuals or spirituals. They yield easily to external influences. They either appear shy, uneasy, introvert, lacking in self-assertion or attempt at times to cover this lapse with a pretext of arrogance. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their friends and are seldom understood. They are reserved.