Charm for Protection from Evil eyes, sprits, ghosts and all Tantras- Buy Evil Eye Protection Pendant online

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Charm for Protection from Evil eyes, Spirits, Ghost and Tantra

Evil Eye Protection Pendant is the most auspicious combination of energized Sulemani Hakik and Parad Bead to protect you from Evil Eyes and all kinds of Jadoo Tona , Tantra, evil spirits. Ghosts etc. This pendant is made in silver and would be energzied in your name to give you full protection from all negative energies. evileye protection kavach It will protect and strengthen your aura to fight against all evils whether visible or not. You will not be harmed by anyone. BEST PROTECTION PENDANT !!

Sulemani Hakik is very helpful in overcoming sleeplessness and nightmares, improve bravery. It also helps metabolism issues. One of the main benefits of Hakik is improving sexual power. Carrier of Hakik can fight with stress more easy. Hakik stone also improve your mental power. Can be used by pregnant women or newborn babies to help their health. It heals muscle, joint and rheumatic pains.

Parad bead is made with Mercury and Silver and has numerous health benefits along with spritual protection powers. you can read more about Parad beads

Benefits of Evil Eye Protection Pendant :

1. It protects from the negative energizes of Evil Eyes
2. It brings Good Luck.
3. It removes obstacles in life and gives a sense of courage and strength..
4. It makes you positive and help you overcome flaws, fears, and loneliness.
5. It encourages fertility, and protects new life.

protection from evil
Charm for Protection from Evil Eye
INR:2100   USD:25.40

protection from evil
Charm for Evil Eye Protection in silver chain
INR:3500   USD:42.34