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The mythical Phoenix emerging from the flames, wings stretched, is a rapturous scene.phoneix

The Phoenix is associated with immortality, blessed with the power of infinite re-birth and endless luck and symbolically worshipped by a wide audience throughout Asia and Europe.

In Feng Shui, the Phoenix represents Yin splendour and female beauty. The Chinese Phoenix, sovereign of all birds, has the head of the golden pheasant, the beak of the parrot, the body of the mandarin duck, the wings of the roc, the feathers of the peacock and the legs of the crane; gloriously beautiful, it reigns over the feathered world as an ageless and endless symbol of good luck & purity.

It presides over the southern quadrant of the Heavens, and therefore symbolizes sun and warmth for summer and harvest. It's an ideal enhancer for agriculture, farming, poultry, etc.
The Phoenix is believed to bring incredible turnaround good fortune to those who had previously suffered from bad luck & help run business successfully. If you are down on your luck, this is the perfect charm for you !

The Phoenix brings new opportunities of all types to your attention, helps manage successfully several business ventures simultaneously and solve practical day-to-day problems with ease.

Normal placement is South, but place it in your Sheng Chi direction for ideal results or place it behind you for strength and support.