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Tibetan Bell

The Bell is being used for thousands of years by several Asian & Eastern Religions, for special rituals. The Om Bell is used to invoke the presence of Divine Powers and is balanced to sing/ chant harmonically at specific tones, for specific occasions. The Tibetan Bell or Om Bell can also be made to sing/chant by slowly rubbing its bottom rim with a specially made wooden stick. Use The Om Bell once or twice a day, in every room of their home/ office/work place, to dispel negative/evil forces and invite/invoke positive/auspicious forces, to safeguard the health and wealth of the place.

The Om Bell is invariably accompanied by The Dorje or Vajra (lightning or thunderbolt) which embodies the concepts of enlightment and the indestructible nature of Truth. This is a weapon attributed to Lord Indra, and is the source of the name of Tantric Buddhism. In this context it was interpreted as indestructible diamond. The Dorje is the symbol of the clear immutable essence of reality that is the basis of everything.