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Lal Kitab and its Remedies Online

What is Lal Kitab and its Origin ?

Many people ask this question, Lal Kitab is a book written in 19th century based on Samudrik Shastra (Palmistry) with remedies or Farmans or Upaye or Totke for the benefit of mankind. Written in ancient Urdu language, It introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies.

Original Author of this book is unknown whereas Pandit Roop Chand Joshi , from Punjab has authored the present version of Lal Kitab during 1939 to 1952.

Basic Definitions.

1. Blind planets: If in 10th house, there are two or more planets, who are inimical to each other, such chart is called, horoscope of blind planets. 10th house is the house of Saturn (Capricorn). In the above chart, for example, Sun & Saturn and Sun & Ketu are mutual enemies. Such planets are blind and make the native blind for all worldly affairs.

2. Half blind chart (Ratandhra planets): This is applicable only when Sun is in 4th house and Saturn is in 7th. Such chart is called half blind. Saturn in 7th is exalted (being in Libra) and also Digbali. This Saturn by its 10th aspect afflict Sun in the 4th. This weakened Sun not only spoil significations of 4th house, but also afflict 10th house (of Saturn) and its significations - vocation/ profession.

3. Dharmi planets: When a malefic planet in special conditions, give up its malefic nature, they are called Dharmi planet e.g. Rahu/ Ketu in 4th house give up maleficience and are called Dharmi planet.

4. Dharmi horoscope: If Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in any house, specially in an auspicious house, such horoscope is called Dharmi. Such a native has tremendous intellectual power and in time of crisis, he gets help from Divine sources .

5. Companion (Sathi) planets : When any two planets exchange their position of own sign or sign of exaltation/ debilitation, they are called companions, even if they may be natural enemies. They shed off their enmity. In the above chart, Jupiter and Venus, because of their exchange of sign, will behave as friends.

6. Inimical planets: Any two friendly planets will turn hostile to each other, if any enemy planet is placed with both of them or with any of them e.g. in above chart, Jupiter is inimical to both Mercury & Venus, and Jupiter is in Mooltrikone sign of Venus, therefore friendship between Mercury and Venus will be over.

7. Planets in opposition: The planets, which are in 6/8 position from one another, will turn enemies even if they are natural friends. In the above chart, Rahu is in 6/8 position from Mercury & Venus and hence will behave as enemies.

8. Basic planets: The planets, which are in 5/9 position from one another, will behave as friends, even if they are natural enemies. Mercury & Venus are enemies to Mars, but in the above chart, will assist one another in improving good significations.

9. Combination of planets: As per Lal-kitab, each planet has twin components of two other planets called Masnui planets. Such planets and their effects are given below:

We at have tried to highlight the important aspects mentioned in Lal Kitab in simple and easy language, so that our readers can benefit from this ancient text but before going details let us review the main constutients of effective astrology.
daywise remedies totaka in lal kitab
1. A Word of Caution in Lal Kitab
2. Introduction to Lal Kitab
3. Lords of Planets , Parts of body and objects
4. Twelve Signs or Rashis
5. Lal Kiab and Twelve Houses and their respective body parts
6. Nature of Planets
7. Forecasting on the basis of bodily Traits 12 signs in lal kitab
8. Sun and its effect in Twelve Houses
9. Moon and its effect in Twelve Houses
10. Mars and its effect in Twelve Houses
11. Mercury and its effect in Twelve Houses
12. Jupiter and its effect in Twelve Houses
13. Venus and its effect in Twelve Houses
14. Saturn and its effect in Twelve Houses
15. Rahu and its effect in Twelve Houses introduction to lal kitab principle
16. Ketu and its effect in Twelve Houses
17. Daywise Remedies in Lal Kitab
18. Kinds of Debts in Lal Kiab and freedom from Debts
19. Family Happiness
20. Happiness of having Children
21. Nature of Planets
22. Lal Kitab on Disease
23. Manglik Dosha as in Lal Kitab
24. Planetary remedial measures

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Lal Kitab Remedies for Malefic Planets in the Horoscope

1. For Malefic Planet Sun
2. For Malefic Planet Moon
3. For Malefic Planet Mars
4. For Malefic Planet Mercury
5. For Malefic Planet Jupiter
6. For Malefic Planet Venus
7. For Malefic Planet Saturn
8. For Malefic Planet Rahu
9. For Malefic Planet Ketu

Sacrifice of Planet in Lal Kitab:
As per Lal- kitab, to understand the nature of certain planets, one must understand the phenomenon of sacrifice of planets. It means that a functional malefic planet spoils signification of another planet instead of giving adverse results itself or a planet, who is otherwise in a good position, fails to deliver good results expected of it. It is made a scapegoat of another functional malefic. Following illustrations would clarify this aspect:-

a) Saturn: Saturn has Rahu and Ketu for its safety. Combination of Rahu and Ketu gives artificial (Masnui) planet, Venus. So when Saturn is afflicted by Sun, Saturn, instead of giving adverse results himself, make Venus as scape-goat and her ill-effects can be seen on the wife of native.

b) Mercury: Mercury and Venus are friends. But whenever Mercury is troubled, he also makes Venus as scape-goat.

c) Mars: Afflicted Mars makes Ketu as escape-goat. As per Masnui planets, adverse Mars has Sun & Saturn as its components. Since Sun and Saturn are father and son duo. Their ill-effects are seen on son represented by Ketu .

d) Venus: Venus makes Moon as escape-goat. If Venus and Moon are inimical to each other (ref 14.2.6), Venus represented by wife transfer its maleficience to Moon represented by mother of the native.

e) Jupiter: Jupiter also makes Ketu as escape-goat, e.g., if Jupiter is afflicted in 5th house, then during its Dasha/Antar-dasha, its ill-effects will not be on native's son, but can be seen on maternal uncle of native represented by Ketu in 6th house. Maternal uncle may suffer in Antar-dasha of Jupiter as well as of Ketu .

f) Sun: When Sun is afflicted as planet in opposition, it will also transfer its maleficience to Ketu.

g) Moon: Moon transfers its affliction among its friends -Sun, Mars and Jupiter.

h) Rahu & Ketu: They do not make any other planet scapegoat. So when Rahu is afflicted, native's brother-in-law (brother of wife or husband of sister) suffers arid in Ketu's case, native's son or his feet gets spoiled .

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