Lucky Charm for Winning in Lottery, Gambling and Share Market Rudraksha Pendant

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Lucky Charm for winning lottery, in gambling and speculation in stock market

Lucky charm for lotteryAstroshastra presents an exclusive Lucky Charm Pendant for people in specuation buisness like stock Market , shares , lottery.

As we give Lucky Numbers Daily for our users in accordance with Astrology and Numerology, we have made a Lucky Charm with intention to help our customers to gain from their investments, Trades and plan their investments accordingly.

If you are lucky enough to trade in auspicious time, the inflow of money and liqudity increases, which in turn increases the opportunities to make profits. So all those in speculation buisness of share market , commodities , currencies , lottery etc. shall wear this pendant for divine help.

RAHU in the Horoscope, causes sudden unexpected gains without any labour. Auspicious and Strong Rahu in 2, 5,11 houses is capable for giving enormous wealth at once in its dasha. The wealth can be from Lottery, gambling, casino games or any such thing. While rahu is the karaka to give sudden gains, illegal possessions, unexpected income, hidden treasures.

Rahu has a very important part in politics also as it is the planet of manipulation. If placed well in and is benefic, it helps in winning the election. if placed in the benefic house or is in Aries and placed in trikona, it gives success in politics. if placed in the 10th house with venus is a favorable conjunction. Therefore this pendant is very helpful for Politicians or people wish to join Politics.

DISCLAIMER : We do not in any way promote or advise for gambling or speculation.
charm for luck in
9999 142.84
Lucky Charm for Gambling & Lottery Eight mukhi rudraksh with Gomed in silver chain

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