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DUALITY : Feminine SYMBOL : The Virgin SPECIAL COLOR : Navy Blue & Gray
QUALITY : Mutable LUCKY NUMBERS : 5 & 3 METAL : Mercury
RULING PLANET : Mercury LUCKY DAY : Wednesday TREES : Nut-bearing tree's

Here you will find our worker bees. They are the original server. Precise and methodical like no other sign of the zodiac. No detail gets by them. They can miss the big picture being lost in the details. Perfectionism can often lead to picky and critical words. Want to hire the best employee you will ever have? Choose a Virgo. They often do not like to delegate and want to oversee every step of the operation themselves. Always worrying and fussing about others. You will find many Virgos surrounded by pets for who needs them more than the family pet. If they focuses too much on others, they can be prone to illness.

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Virgo Sunsign Personality Traits

Practical, cool-headed and thoroughly meticulous, that's what you are in a nutshell. You are not unnecessarily swayed by emotions and even if sentiments were running high, you can keep a cool head to weigh your approach. Often quiet and reserved, you try to stick to your world, keeping it as tidy and perfect as you can. Nevertheless, you are bustling with energy and always have plenty to do. You are not afraid of taking on challenges and prove your mettle with hard work and a quiet determination. Your quest for perfection and your inability to ignore even the smallest of faults generally proves good for you.

You are Nelson's Horatio, quite content not to be in charge, but there to make sure everything runs smoothly and is done as required. You believe in fair play and rarely manipulate. Violent confrontations are not your cup of tea and indeed render you quite ineffective in your work. Honest and forthright, you do not like hypocrites and cannot hide your displeasure at sycophants. Although you are not short-tempered and in fact are slow to get angry, when you do have arguments you try to put up a stiff resistance to anyone opposing you. You tend to make bitter enemies, and like an elephant you remember events that happened a long time ago. You love to travel and generally this proves beneficial for you.


Pearl grey, silver, white and forest green are your lucky colours. Jade, green or white is your lucky stone. Wednesday is your lucky day. Your lucky number is 5. Mercury is your ruler and your element is Earth. PROFESSIONAL AND MONETARY WELL-BEING Virgos do well in science and mechanics, often inventing and developing appliances or other new things. You are enterprising and hardworking, and make good managers. As an earth sign, work connected with land is also favorable. Not surprisingly, you have an interest in gardening. You are fond of reading and writing and have a flair for handicrafts. Some of you also make good performing artistes. You will have to work hard for your riches, so be careful with your investments.

Romance and Family

Not the most passionate of signs, a Virgo's love life is rarely turbulent or stormy. You are not the kind who likes to cuddle and make a public display of affection but can be quite romantic in your own way. In fact, a Taurean, Capricorn or a fellow Virgo will appreciate your style of courtship, which will include sending a never ending stream of flowers and going to romantic dinners at quiet and elegant places. Even though you are kind and loving, your no-nonsense and critical nature often puts off a lot of people. You always demand perfection and are easily disappointed. Unless you can accept people for what they are and overlook their frailties, you will find it hard to have a loving relationship. Their home is neat and tidy; you go about filling your kitchen with gadgets that may not be of much practical use. Your obsession with order and neatness around the house can be quite infuriating to your partner, who will never seem to meet your exacting standards. Otherwise, you should settle down quite comfortably in marriage.

Health and Fitness

They tend to be fussy eaters and you often suffer as a result. Mostly, you suffer from anaemia because of iron-deficiency in the diet. You also tend to suffer from back, muscle and bone injuries because of lack of sufficient calcium. Try to include fresh fruits, vegetables and fish in your meals, you should also consume milk and dairy products. The vegetarians among you will have to take care to include iron, protein, calcium and minerals in their diet. Some of you could be prone to dental problems, so you should take extra care of your dental hygiene.

Many of you could face psychological problems, as Virgos tend to be compulsive worriers. Try not to let your worries get the better of you. Distract yourself by taking pleasant walks, listening to soothing music and dancing. You have sharp features, often highlighted by a straight nose and thin, perfectly shaped lips. Most of you have good complexion when young. They are mostly of a small slight build and are, in younger days, a rather delicate lot, health-wise. Many of you tend to have a weak liver and gall bladder and often complain of digestive disorders. However, your health does tend to get better with age.

It is the sixth Sign of the Zodiac, to be exact, and that's the way they like it: exact. Those born under this Sign are often the subject of jokes, for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their 'attention to detail' serves a purpose: to help others. Virgos, more than any other Sign, were born to serve, and this gives them great joy. What's more, they are tailor-made for the job - they are industrious, methodical and efficient. Virgos have a considerable sense of duty, and they employ themselves for the greater good.

They are represented in modern Astrology by the Virgin, although this association should not be taken literally. They tend to take on some of the qualities of a Virgin, such as modesty and humanity. Some might even consider them repressed, although Virgins would argue that this is a noble quality. But, most of all, they enjoy indulging their practical and logical side and poring over their projects to the Nth degree. To say these people are good at fact-finding is an understatement, since they revel in their exacting (some would argue pedantic) behaviour, and are geniuses with minutiae. They are an asset in the workplace as they can be counted on to get things right the first time, every time - and no detail will be overlooked. They are also balanced and fair in their assessments, in keeping with the Mutable Quality assigned to this Sign

Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury, and as portrayed in ancient Roman mythology, Mercury wasn't one to sit still for long. This swift-footed god was a bundle of energy, both physically and mentally, and that pretty much sums up Virgo. Their brain is in overdrive most of the time, which is why they get so much done. Those born under this Sign are also able communicators and use their mental acuity to maximum advantage. However, all of this brainpower can make Virgins prone to scepticism, and can even lead to the kind of overthink that surely leads to overkill. Thankfully, though, they are also a studious lot, and can temper their worst impulses with a bit of careful analysis. They enjoy studying a situation in great detail, whether it's a work project or a friendship.

They are truly interested in understanding things. The bane of many, is their very own perfectionism, which can get in the way of their usual clear thinking. 'I'm not a perfectionist; I'm discriminating!' a Virgo would say, happy in the knowledge that their taste is unparalleled. For this reason, they are also neat and clean, save for the occasional sloppy (they do exist). They are also reliable and practical and oh-so-useful to have around.

The Element associated with Virgo is Earth, and, in keeping with that, most Virgos are grounded, salt-of-the-earth types. The flash and dash can go to others, since Virgos would much rather be humble and easygoing. That said, Virgins do enjoy material possessions and are (dare we say?) picky about what they bring into their lives. Some might even go as far as calling them self-centred, but it's really more of a desire to surround themselves with what's right - for them, that is. This discernment also serves Virgins well in business, where their decisions are usually well considered.

Those born under this Sign are eminently sensible and use their critical eye well. While they can worry too much, they do their best to temper these impulses. However, if this nervousness goes unchecked, it can lead to hypochondria, that ugly skeleton in their closet. For that reason, they are extremely health conscious, to the point of being storehouses of information on diet and hygiene. Many even choose a health or medical career so they won't miss a beat.

Working out is elemental for Virgins, even though the benefits of exercise are far more important to Virgos than the process itself. That's why Virgos are likely to time themselves on their runs and get in those 300 sit-ups every day. When it comes to the game of love, Virgos are able to loosen up somewhat and are devoted to their lovers, even if they can be a bit jealous. Since Virgo rules the intestines, tension could lead to digestive upsets. Soothing relief often comes by way of earth tones, which is why Virgos like to be surrounded by shades of tan and a warm yellow.

The great strengths of this sunsign is their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. Add these to their willingness to serve, and they become essential helpmates. Working out is elemental for them, if only so they know intellectually that they're helping themselves physically. See, the benefits of exercise are far more important to them than the process itself. That's why they are likely to time themselves on their runs and get in those 300 sit-ups every day.

When it comes to the game of love, they are able to loosen up somewhat and are devoted to their lovers, even if they can be a bit jealous. Since it rules the intestines, they need to be wary of bowel upsets. Soothing relief often comes in the way of earth tones, which is why they like to be surrounded by shades of tan and a warm yellow.

The great strength, is in their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. When merged with their willingness to serve, Virgo sunsign people become essential helpmates. They can be picky -- so what?

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