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Ketu Yantra

ketuKetu Yantra
to appease the Ketu.

Made of : Copper (Gold Plated)
Sizes available : 4X4, 6X6 , 8X8
Packet contains : Gold plated copper yantra , Roli , Mouli.

Ketu Yantra is to appease the Ketu. When Ketu is malefic in the horoscope, the use of this yantra is very benefic and favourable. It is embossed on Copper plate and gold plated. It and indicates sucess in business, Victory over enemies, and all round success.

Symptoms of Malefic Ketu

1. Urinal problems
2. Kids going through medical trouble
3. Feet nails turn Black or shedding of feet nails.

Benefits of Ketu Yantra

1. Grants all round success in every aspect of life
2. Fulfils deepest desires of the worshippers.
3. Blessed with healthy, disease-free life.
4. Protection from negative energies.
5. Bless you with Male Child.

Mantra for Ketu Yantra

"Om kem ketve namah"

Ketu Yantra (4" X 4")
INR:2076   USD:29.66
Sizes in gold
Ketu Yantra INR:4054   USD:57.91
size:6" X 6" "
Ketu Yantra in pendant form
INR:1500   USD:21.43

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