Vahandurghtna Nashak Yantra for protection of vehicle or accidents on road

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Vahandurghtna Nashak Yantra

Vahandurghtna Nashak Yantra

Made of : Copper (Gold Plated)
Sizes available : 6X6 , 8X8
Packet contains : Gold plated copper yantra , Roli , Mouli, Hanuman chalisa.


'Vaahan' is vehicle and 'Durghatna' is accident. As the name denotes, this Yantra ensures protection from accidents, injury, or other mis-haps, especially those related to vehicles.

It acts as a shield to protect and save the worshipper from any such mis-fortunes, and ensures his own, his family's and his belonging's safety during journeys.

Vaahan Durghatna Yantra (5" X 4")
INR:2076   USD:25.11
Sizes in gold
Vahandurghatna INR:4054   USD:49.04
size:8" X 7"
Vahandurghtna Yan INR:3020   USD:36.53
size:6" X 5"