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April 21, 2015
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  Astro Gems - Amethyst Gemstone/Katela Birthstone  

Amethyst is a purple coloured stone, which helps the wearer in several ways. Amethyst wards off tendency to switch over from one activity ot another, protects the wearer from sudden and unexpected happenings, dangers of witchcraft, devils and evil spirits. Amethyst is also good for financial stability and is good for those, who find it difficult to manage their financial affairs. Amethyst is also good for modern managers, computer scientists and financial experts, particularlu those engaged in major or big enterprise. It is good for natives born in the month of Jan or Feb of any year and for pisces( those born between Feb 21 and March 20), particularly those who may wish to obtain professional gains. They would acquire magnetic personality and would be able to win over the opposite sex with ease, with the use of this gem.

The Greeks believed that the wearers of this gem would be blessed with happiness and unending love and affection, and enjoy protection form excessive dangers from indulgences like intoxication, temptation to go in for excessive involvements , drugging etc. Scientists, technocrats, mathematicians and research scholars too can use this gem as it would provide them with greater powers for concentration, serousness of purpose , sustained work. Many social reformers who wish to have good public rapport, social welfare like charitable deeds and humanitarin cuases have tested this gem with full confidence. Promotions, transfer to their desired levels too can be acquired by the wearer within a few months of the use of this gem. Those dealings with fashion garments. beauty parlours, travel & toursim and show business as also in public relation jobs can hope to achive instanct success through the use fo thsi gem. Natives with birth number 3 and those with birth numbers 4 and 8 too would find sudden upturn in their financial fortunes as also positions and prestige. If they can acquire and use this gem.

Amethyst is also good for the physical well being of the wearers and is good for those who may wish to give up drinking ans wishes to lead a simple and healthy life. This is a recommended Gem stone fo the Aquarians. It can also be used with profit and pleasure by Capricornians. Amethyst brings luck, Ensures constancy, Protects against magic, Prevents home-sickness, Protects against drunkenness, (the Greek word amethustos means "not drunk") Amethyst Gemstone dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence -- high praise indeed.

Amethyst is found in many areas around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, and Russia. In the United States, Amethyst can be found in Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and New Jersey. In Canada, Amethyst is found near Thunder Bay and in Nova Scotia. One typical feature of Amethyst from Thunder Bay is its reddish coloration, caused by an internal coating of red hematite (iron). Russian stones ( form the Urals) are very clear and dark. They are cut for fine expensive gemstones and gave rise to the term Siberian to indicate the very best Amethyst. Uruguayan and Bahain represent high medium and low grades, regardless of the source.

Amethyst crystals are hexagonal and can occur as tall prismatic crystals or short stubby ones (Crystal system: trigonal). The crystals often have horizontal striations on their sides or faces. Hardness: 7 Cleavage: none. Amethyst is often cut as brilliant round and/or oval stones to maximize the color. Other cuts are used when the crystal shape would not yield a fine oval or round.

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