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April 19, 2015
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Articles -> Attract Wealth through Kuber Sadhana  

Performing Day : Amavasya or any Sunday
Time : Early Morning,, Before Sunrise
Requirements : Yellow cloth or mat, Rice, Incense, Vermillon, Wooden table, Some fruits, Oil lamp, Crystal Rosary, Copper Kuber Yantra, Mango woods, Ghee, Havan or yagna platform.

Lord Kuber is the Lord of all the treasures on earth and even rules over the riches buried and unclaimed inside the earth. Lord Kuber is worshipped and propitiated for quick financial gains, unexpected gain of money through lotteries etc and a prosperous business. Lord Kuber is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity. According to ancient vedic books of Ramayan Kuber made the Gold Lanka, which was taken by his brother Ravan. All ancient texts encourage the use of Kuber Sadhana for the gain of wealth.

Kuber YantraThere are three main benefits form Kuber Sadhana. Firstly, when Lord Kuber is pleased then bless the person with material success and wealth. Secondly the chances of coming into wealth unexpectedly and suddenly through lotteries etc increase.Thirdly no matter how much one spends money keeps flowing in provided the

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wealth is used for constructive purposes and not for destructive or antisocial activities Kuber Sadhana is short and Simple but its effects are amazing if one tries it with true belief and faith. One cane even try this ritual with one's spouse.

Sadhana Procedure

- Kuber Sadhana ritual shall be performed on Amavasya day (day preceding the moonless night) or a Sunday morning, before sunrise.
- One should take a bath and wear clean yellow clothes.
- Sit on a yellow mat or cloth facing north because North is the direction of Lord Kuber.
- Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth
- Take a steel plate and draw a Swastik with Vermillon.
- Lite the lamp and incense
- On swastik, make a mound of rice grains .
- On the rice grains place a Kuber Yantra
- Around the Yantra place four fruits.
- Light a ghee lamp.
- Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati by chanting
" Om Gam Ganpataye Namah " eleven times.
- Pray to your Guru or Lord Shiva (thinking of him as your Guru) for Success in the Sadhana.
- Chant the following meditating about the form of Lord Kuber.

"Manuj Baahya Vimaanparisthitim Garud Ratna Nibham Nidhi Naayakm.
Shiva Sakhaa Mukutaadi Vibhooshitam Var Gade Dahatam Bhaj Tundilam."

After this chant 8 rosary of the following mantra with a crystal rosary.

"Om Yakshaay Kuberaay Dhan Dhaanyaadhipataye Akshaya Nidhi Samriddhim Me Dehi Daapay Swaahaa."

After chanting Eight mala of this mantra perform a Homa nad give 108 oblations with ghee in the Yagna fire each time chanting the above Mantra.

After completion of all the procedural aspects of Kuber Sadhana, tie all worship articles except fruits in a yellow cloth and place it in your locker where you keep your money or valuables at home. It is beleived that if one tires this Sadhana on each Amavasya every month for a year then one attains to life long prosperity and affluence.

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