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21. 01. 2019

Astroshastra Distributers Worldewide


Astroshastra has been created with the intention of providing individual astrological information, remedies and Products to the world. Since time immemorial man has continuously striven to make his life better, astroshastra aims at fulfillment of this most important wish of life. Astroshastra is dedicated to supplying quality holy and religious items that are energised by Vedic Priests in a Vedic Temple in Delhi for use in Puja, Healing and Self empowerment. These items are supplied at a reasonable cost for the benefit of the mankind. Astroshastra stands behind every item that we deliver. Each product is delivered with our authenticity to guarantee that all the item's are of Good quality. We guarantee each and every product offered for sale on our site to be genuine and authentic.

Astroshastra invites the individuals/Companies/Firms to establish as Astroshastra Distributors Worldwide. All Distributors would be independent businesses and would be responsible for Distribution and Customer Service and Advertising and Marketing in their region . All items needed would be purchased from Astroshastra India (Delhi) at wholesale prices in quantities according to need.

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Prosperity Symbol Plate

Laughing Buddha-1

Sree Vaastu Iswarya Kaali


Laughing Budh With Woo Loo And Money Bag
INR:625 USD:10.25

Symbolic Fengshui
INR:180 USD:2.95

INR:249 USD:4.08

INR:249 USD:4.08

Laughing Buddha-6
INR:450 USD:7.38

INR:251 USD:4.11

Chinese Sign - Dog
INR:199 USD:3.26

Laughing Buddha (2)
INR:299 USD:4.90

121- 32x14.5x20
INR:2100 USD:34.43

64- 27.5mm
INR:4800 USD:78.69

34mm One Mukhi
INR:3900 USD:63.93

68- 28x21x16.6
INR:9950 USD:163.11

11 One Mukhi Rudraksha Mala With Five Mukhi
INR:21000 USD:344.26

42mm One Mukhi
INR:4300 USD:70.49

65- 27mm
INR:4800 USD:78.69

Combination Mala -9
INR:2100 USD:34.43

Rahu Yantra (4" X 4")

Heera Shankh 0118 29.4mm

Cleanse Negativity Oil

124- 34x20x20

Crystal Buddha

3.65 Ratti Round Red Coral

Wealth Pouch

Lakshmi Narayan Shaligram

Ratan Rudraksh Or Bhagya Hindi

Black Horse Shoe Ring

Lord Ganesha In Brass (100 Gm Approx.)

Parad Ganesh (500 Gm)
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