Vastu Dosh Nivarn Yantra, Vaastu doshnivaran Yantras to remove Vastu Dosh or defects

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Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra to remove Vaastu ill-effects from place of work/residence.

vastu yantra

Made of : Copper (Gold Plated) and Pure Silver
Sizes available : 4X4, 6X6 , 8X8
Packet contains : Gold plated copper yantra , Roli , Mouli.

Vastu shastra deals with the different aspects of house and building construction in such a way that the house or building is most favourable & lucky for the owner of the building or its occupants. Nowadays where people are living in flats and pre build houses , are not sure that all the norms and other important principles are properly applied or not. There are many reasons for this variation like

1. Auspicious & benefic time for fixing the main door, laying foundation stone and construction is not the same.
2. Main entrance to the house or flats may not be the same.
3. Buyers & owners vibrations may not be synchronising in all the cases.
4. All the buyers may not be religiously worshipping the house at the time of entry.
5. Direction of house/flat viz. Est, West , North & South may not be the same.

Therefore, it is one of very useful and beneficial Yantra in order to correct the energies of place. It removes ill-effects of Vaastu faults existing in any Structure. You can correct the Vastu faults by placing it in your Puja Place or hang it on the east wall. It rectifies without any demolition of sturcture.

Benefits of Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra

1. It corrects the Vastu Defects without Demolition of structure.
2. Generates the flow of Positive Energy in the Area, where placed.

Vastudosh Nivaran Yantra 4"X 4"
INR:2076   USD:29.66
Size in gold plated yantra
vastudoshnivarany INR:4054   USD:57.91
size:6" X 6"
Size in gold plated yantra
vastudoshnivarany INR:6030   USD:86.14
size:8" X 8"

Silver Digdosh Nashak Vastu Yantra 4" X 4"
INR:3999   USD:57.13