Remedies for planet Mars according to Lal Kitab
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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Mars

Remedies for planet Mars as per Lal Kitab

- The simple rule for Mars is that if Mars is conferring ill effect, the best thing to ward off its ill effect is donation of sweet bread prepared in the earthen oven.

- A form of fire, predominantly fire element, Mars confers good effect. Dropping rewari in the running water is also good.

- Offering and donating sweet food is also good.

- Float batashey in the water.

- Hanumanji is the lord of Mars, hence worship Hanumanji. Feast him with gur-churma.

- Offer vermilion and silver foil. Takeprasad.

Indications of Malefic Mars in the Horoscope

1. Muscles are weak or there is lack of blood.

2. One is prone to stomach disorder or anger.

3. There are problems in ear, joints, knees and legs.

4. Native suffers from high B.P., cuts or surgical operations.

5. There are physical problems/ diseases to spouse.

6. Spouse is weak in constitution but hot tempered.

7. There is lack of marital happiness.

8. There are cases of abortions or infantile deaths in the family.

9. There have been cases of extra-marital relations.

10. There are troubles due to son's woes.

11. Elder brother/ brother-in-law are causing problems.

12. Brothers/ relations/ friends are not happy with native's mother/ sister.

13. Mama, mami or bhavi are suddenly in trouble.

14. Numbers of bitter enemies are on increase.

15. There has been loss due to fire or theft.

16. There has been loss of wealth in court cases or there is danger of even going to jail.

17. Suddenly immovable property is being sold or comes under unauthorized occupation by others.

Remedies for Malefic Mars

1. Camphor, curd, scented articles and red cloth are buried in isolated place.

2. Put sweet milk in roots of Banyan tree and put THak of earth moistened by it.

3. Plant Neem tree or water it.

4. Respect and look after your brother and bhavi.

5. Give sweet Tandoori roti to dogs for 45 days.

6. Do Jap of Gayatri Mantra or Hanuman Chalisa.

7. Donate blood.

8. Around noon on Tuesdays, put Rebris/ Batashas in running water.

9. Sprinkle water on hot Tava before baking Rot/.

10. Have fast on Tuesdays, worship Lord Hanuman and apply Sindoor to Him and distribute sweet Boondi.

11. Wear ring of gold, silver & copper, on ring finger of left hand.

12. Do not keep rusted items in the house.

13. Give red clothes and sweets to sister and sister of father, mother and wife.

14. Keep red hankey and wear silver chain.

15. Feed birds with sweet things.

16. Keep red lintel (Masoor) by side of bed-head by late evening and give it to sweeper (not domestic) or throw in running water.

17. To get rid of diseases, sleep on deerskin.

18. On children's birthday, distribute namkeen items instead of sweets.

19. To avoid fire accidents, place empty jute bags of sugar on roof of house, shop or factory.

20. Never do business in partnership with wife's brother.

21. If there is problem to wife or children, bury honey in an earthen pot in cremation ground.

22. If Mars is malefic in 8th house, keep elephant's tusk or items made from it in the house.

23. If Mars is malefic in 6th, feed and take blessings of 6 virgin girls for 6 days.

24. If Mars is malefic in 12th and in 2nd house there is no enemy of Mars, donate 12 Batashas for 12 days in a temple.

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