Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Moon at Astroshastra , Delhi India
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Lal Kitab Remedies for planet Moon

Remedies for Planet Moon as per Lal Kitab

- Moon is related with silver. If sitting in any of the houses the Moon is afflicting: for example

- it is troubling mother and she is ill, 'Chandroma manaso jaatak'

- there is mental worry or weakness or there is lung-related disease or wealth is depreciating, float silver in the river as silver represents Moon. All of your trouble will flow off.

When Moon is afflicting:

1. Tthe totaka is that put water or milk in a pot and keep it at the head post during sleeping in the night and pour it on a peepal tree in the morning.

2. Donation or separating the objects related with Moon such as water or milk water is good.

Moon is related with milk and water and lord Shiva has adorned it on his head. Hence Moon has direct relation with lord Shiva. Hence felicitation of Shiva (Rudrabhisheka) or chanting of Shiv Mahinm strotra is good when Moon is afflicting. Sprinkling with holy water on Shiva is excellent.

The native, whom Moon is afflicting sitting in ascendant and is proved to be conferring ill effect, should not sell milk. Milk signifies Moon and selling of milk means becoming bereft of the mercy of Moon. The native should spruce himself with natural water, rice and silver etc.

In the third house , one should mind the natural signs. If Moon positioned in house three is conferring ill effect, green clothes should be donated to maidens. The natural sign in the house number three is of Mercury. Keep in mind that the third sign of Gemini corresponds to Mercury which corresponds to green colour. Mercury also represents clothes. Thus the remedy is obvious if one minds the third sign.

If Moon is proving to be conferring ill effect on mother, do not use milk. Do not drink milk in the night. Offering milk free of cost is excellent. If Moon is conferring ill effect positioned in the tenth house, do not drink milk in the night. Otherwise ill effect rises. The reason that appears is that giving up or donation of the related objects that afflict the person happens to be beneficial. Their use confers ill effect.

If Moon, sitting in the eleventh house, is conferring ill effect, visit to Bhairav temple and offering milk is beneficial. Here Moon is in the eleventh house, the natural house of Aquarius sign, which is sign of Moon's enemy, Saturn. Hence donation of milk, the object of Moon, is recommended. Saturn, which is lord of Aquarius, is a form of Bhairav and that is why Bhairav temple is recommended.

Indications of Malefic Moon in the Horoscope

1. Native suffer from epilepsy or mental/ lung's disease.

2. Medicine is not effective in disease.

3. There is disorder in blood circulation or during menses (for ladies).

4. There is problem in chest, breast or breast-feeding.

5. One is addicted to drugs or liquor.

6. Mother is ill or mother, mausi or nani is in problem.

7. Your paternal aunt (Bua), wife or sister use bad language for you.

8. Abnormal quarrel between Saas-bahu in the house.

9. There is quarrel with in-laws during house- construction.

10. Daughter is unhappy in in-laws house or son is lost.

11. One has more daughters than son.

12. First child is of loose character.

13. There are problems of children or their education.

14. Milk giving animals in the house die.

15. Well, hand-pump or pond has dried.

16. There is growing family tension and lack of sleep.

17. There is financial problem due to diseases.

18. One spends money on other women or there is sudden loss of health.

19. One gets bad name even if one does good.

20. One repents too much for past action.

Remedies of Malefic Moon

1. Worship & bathe Lord Shiva in Linga-form, with milk /water.

2. Drink water/ milk in silver tumbler.

3. Keep in the house, old rice and silver tied in a white cloth, preferably taken from your mother's hand.

4. For 40 days, keep a tumbler full of milk/ water by bed-head at night and in the morning, put the same Keekar/ Peepal/ Banyan tree.

5. On a Monday, put in running water, rice & misri wrapped in a white cloth.

6. Do not drink milk in the night; instead take curd or paneer in the night, if Moon is afflicted in 4th or 10th house.

7. While on journey with son, put copper coin in river/ canal.

8. Bring water from well/ hand-pump of cremation ground and keep in the house.

9. Take two pieces of silver and pearl; one set of both be put in running water of river/ canal and keep the other set with you.

10. Keep mother with you and look after her and other old ladies of the family.

11. In case of lack of sleep, put copper nail on all four legs of your bed.

12. Native, his grandson and son of his daughter together should go to a temple and perform Pitr- Yajna.

13. Do not marry before 24 years of age.

14. While bringing wife from in-laws place, bring some silver from them.

15. Dug a well or hand pump in a hospital or cremation ground.

16. Bury in isolated place milk filled in a vessel or bottle.

17. For malefic Moon in 10th house, distribute milk or milk products among children.

18. Bury silver in foundation of house and keep some part of house Kachha.

19. If Rahu afflicts Moon, put coal, barley & mustard seeds in flowing water during a lunar eclipse.

20. If Moon is malefic in 3rd or 6th house, donate green cloth to virgin girl or do Kanya Daan.

21. If Moon is malefic in 11th house, donate milk in a Bhairav (Saturn) temple.

22. Keep a rabbit as pet at home and feed mare.

23. Before starting any work, drink water/ milk and keep them in "Kalash".

24. Have fast on Mondays and wear pearl in ring of silver on ring finger.

25. To overcome impotency, a red-hot golden rod be quenched in milk 11 times and drink that milk.

26. If ketu is in 4th house (indicating Matru- Rin), collect equal amount of silver from blood relations and put in running water.

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