Skandmata Puja on fifth day of Navratre
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Fifth day of Navratre - Skandmata

Crystal Goddess Durga idol On the fifth day Durga’s manifestation is the Skandmata. I this form Durga is worshipped as the mother of Skanda Or Kartkeya as he is better know. A great warrior, commander of the army of the devtas in the battle between the Devta and the Asuras Skanda sits astride a peacock as he vanquishes his foes and straddles the earth with unerring swiftness.

Skandmata is revered form having produced such as a remarkable son and worshipped as the mother figure par excellence. Although depicted astride a lion while holding the infant Skanda in her arms the for armed goddess is also referred to as the padmasana Devi since her seat of choice is a lotus.

Worshipped her automatically ensures the blessing of the good Skanda since she is incomplete without him. The gentleness and love of mother suffuce her and her blessing are that of peace, fulfillment and prosperity. She does not wield a weapon and holds instead two lotuses in her two up per hands. One of the lower had anchors the infant in her lap and the other is field out in a mudra symbolizing benediction. As the potent force and facet of the female energy, Skandmata claims as her own the vishudhhi chakra. Symbolized by a lotus with sixteen petals, this chakra is also know as the throat . chakra and it is the chakra that symbolizes creativity and communication.

Mantra To chant on 5th day of Navratre